10 Best Things to Do in Berlin

If you wish to visit Berlin, but not sure what to see first, here is a suggestion of 10 best things to do in Berlin. This is a short list of attractions in the city for those who do not have time to see everything.

The Brandenburg Gate

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One of the 10 Best Things to Do in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. This is the remaining gate that used to be the medieval entrance to the old city. Berliners consider this gate a symbol of the city. The gate was built in 1788 by Friedrich Wilhelm II as a symbol of peace and has a Qadriga (Roman four-horse chariot) on top of it, which symbolises the triumph.

The Pergamon Museum

This is the most impressive museum in Berlin. The museum, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is located on theMuseumIsland and is divided into multiple areas that include different types of collections.


Reichstag is the actual seat of the German Government. It was built in 1894 in the impressive neo-renaissance style. The building hosted many political events.

The Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie

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The longest remaining piece of the wall is the East Side Gallery. It is the symbol of memorial freedom and of the reunification. The East Side Gallery is 1.3 km long and consists of over 100 paintings, all of them on the east side of the wall. Checkpoint Charlie is the famous border between East and West Berlin. It is here that the American and Russian forces stood against each other after the wall was built in 1961.

Memorials: Holocaust memorial and Topography of terror

There are two important memorials inBerlinthat should not be missed as they show an important part of the European history. The Holocaust memorial, located next to the Brandenburg Gate, is dedicated to the memory of Jews murdered during World War II. It was opened in December 2004. The other historical attraction is Topography of terror. It is an adjacent part of the Berlin Wall and has a modern documentation centre which together with the cellar ruins, tell the story of the Nazi horrors committed between 1933 and 1945.


This represents one of the largest parks in Europe and is enjoyed by thousands of Berliners and tourists every day.

Potsdamer Platz

Although destroyed during World War II, this was restored and became one of the central hubs of Berlin. You can find here many shops, restaurants, cafes or cinemas.

The Memorial Church

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The half-destroyed church has not been demolished due to public pressure.It is a memorial hall that attracts many visitors every day. It reminds of the World War II.

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