5 places that make Germany great

Cologne Cathedral Ger1axg/ookaboo

Cologne Cathedral ©Ger1axg/ookaboo

Germany is one of the top tourist destinations of Europe. This is not surprising at all if we think of the deluge of the unique tourist attractions of the country. In the previous articles I have already presented you several astonishing destinations and sights. Below I will present you 5 places that make Germany great. These places are the following: its capital city, Berlin, the beautiful Lake Constance, the Black Forest, Cologne and the Romantic Road. If your next destination is Germany, I suggest you to visit as many of these places as you can, making yourself an unforgettable holiday. You will surely return home with great memories.


As one of the most beautiful cities and most popular tourist destinations of Germany, Berlin is a magnificent place to visit. With astonishing attractions like museums, theatres, galleries, parks and some unique landmarks, Berlin attracts numerous visitors yearly.

The Museum Island, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building, the Charlottenburg Palace and Berlin Cathedral are just some of the most important landmarks of the city. It surely makes Germany a great destination.

Berliner Dom HappyPilowHead/Flickr

Berliner Dom ©HappyPilowHead/Flickr

The beautiful Lake Constance

One of the most important natural attractions of Germany is the wonderful Lake Constance. It is a very popular tourist destination and a place which makes Germany great. The lake is a fantastic place to practice outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming, boating and others. There are also small islands on the lake (including the Mainau Island) which are attractive destinations, too.

The Black Forest

The famous Black Forest is another option for nature-lovers visiting Germany. It is one of the most recognizable German destinations. The wonderful forest is a top natural attraction of the country. If you love peaceful atmosphere, relaxation and hiking, the Black Forest is the perfect destination for you. If you love nature, don’t miss the visit.


One of the most beautiful and most popular cities of Germany is the breathtaking city of Cologne. Whether you are looking for entertainment, sightseeing or unique thermal baths, Cologne has innumerable attractions on offer. With some wonderful landmarks like the world famous Kölner Dom, the Old Town or the Hohenzollern Bridge, it is a top place to visit.

Cologne Cathedral Ger1axg/ookaboo

Cologne Cathedral ©Ger1axg/ookaboo

The Romantic Road  

Perhaps the most romantic visitor attraction in Germany is the tourist route named the Romantic Road. It runs between Füssen and Würzburg, including some of the most famous and most beautiful visitor attractions of Germany like the breathtaking Neuschwanstein Castle, the well-preserved medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and the baroque city of Würzburg. It surely makes Germany a great destination to visit.

Neuschwanstein Castle JackVersloot/Flickr

Neuschwanstein Castle ©JackVersloot/Flickr

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