A great cultural holiday to Germany

Semperoper Dresden dierk schaefer/Flickr

Semperoper Dresden ©dierk schaefer/Flickr

Germany owns a huge cultural heritage and German arts are some of the most convincing reasons to visit this astonishing country which offers dozens of possibilities for culture-lovers. The wonderful historic cities are homes to hundreds of cultural attractions, including museums (totally 6.000 of museums), art galleries, opera houses, theatres, different exhibitions and other sights.

One of the most popular and most beautiful cultural attractions in Germany is Dresden’s “Semper opera”. If you would like to visit a truly astonishing sight, you can not miss this one. But there are hundreds of others, too. If you would like to make a great cultural holiday to Germany, read the following guide first.


As I already mentioned it, there are about 6.000 of museums in Germany. There are dozens of fascinating and interesting museums spread all over the country, especially in the metropolitan areas. Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden, Nuremberg, Heidelberg and numerous further cities all own some fantastic museums of all types.

Some of the best-known ones are those five on the Museuminsel (Museum Island) in Berlin, the DDR Museum in Berlin, the German Pharmacy Museum in Heidelberg, the Transport Museum in Frankfurt am Main, the Hamburger Kunsthalle and so on.

Museum Island, Bode Museum, Berlin rogerimp/Flickr

Museum Island, Bode Museum, Berlin ©rogerimp/Flickr


Besides the museums, Germany has several galleries, presenting paintings, photographs, drawings and different arts crafts. If visiting galleries fascinates you, you will love Germany! Some of the most famous galleries are: the Galerie Son in Berlin, the Gallery zone B in Berlin, the Baukunst Gallery in Cologne and others.


With some immense and wonderful opera houses, Germany can be a dream destination for those looking for this kind of attraction. There are opera houses all over the country, with the most popular ones in the capital city, in Saxony, Bremen, Hesse and other destinations.

Berlin’s opera house is named the Staatsopera Unter den Linden Berlin. One of the most famous opera houses of the country is the Semperoper in the wonderful city of Dresden. There are offered fantastic guided tours to the visitors of this astonishing opera house. You can not miss it either! Other opera houses are the Old Opera in Frankfurt am Main, the Opera Bremen and so on.

Semperoper Dresden dierk schaefer/Flickr

Semperoper Dresden ©dierk schaefer/Flickr


Going to the theatre is one of the most relaxing and most popular activities of culture-lovers. There are plenty of fantastic theatres in Germany which are absolutely worth visiting. Some are also dedicated to the children including the Kaleidoscope in Berlin. Others are the Chamaeleon in Berlin, the English Theatre Berlin, A Cabaret Story in Berlin, the Theater Bremen and so on.

Berlin's Theater des Westens roger4336/Flickr

Berlin’s Theater des Westens ©roger4336/Flickr

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