A guide to Munich’s nightlife

Atomic Café Markus Unger/Flickr

Atomic Café ©Markus Unger/Flickr

Munich’s nightlife is exciting, just like the cultural life of the city. There are tens or even hundreds of fascinating clubs, discos and bars all over Munich. The most popular nightlife scene is the Münchener Freiheit in Schwabing. It is famous for its innumerable bars, dance clubs, cafés, jazz venues and restaurants. This area is undoubtedly a must for those young travelers looking for the ultimate entertainment. Besides the previously mentioned area, a large number of new bars have opened recently in the street of Gärtnerplatz. The following guide to Munich’s nightlife is a must-read for you in case you are looking for fantastic clubs.

The Atomic Café

If you are looking for a great club, The Atomic Café is the place to go. Situated in the city centre, on Neuturmstrasse, this 1960’s style club attracts many local young people. Famous DJs appear several times at the club. If you want to dance, meet local people and have some good drinks, The Atomic Café is the perfect choice! The club is open Tuesday to Saturday from 22:00 until 3:30 or 5:00 (on Fridays and Saturdays). (May 2013)

Atomic Café Markus Unger/Flickr

Atomic Café ©Markus Unger/Flickr

Backstage Club

The Backstage Club actually includes three clubs, a beer garden and a great theatre, being a multi-venue complex. The immense clubs include fantastic large stages which host famous bands from all around the world. The club complex is situated on the Wilhelm-Hale-Strasse. The best rock and indie acts can also be seen here. It is an extremely popular venue among both local people and visitors.


The club named Baby is also very popular among young people. The 1980’s style venue usually presents electro music. The club is always crowded, but if you can get in, you will surely have a great time. If you are searching for this great venue, go to the Maximiliansplatz.

Alter Simpl Bar

As one of the best bars of Munich, the Alter Simpl Bar can be found on Türkenstrasse. It is known for its funny ambience and it has a great historical importance. Such literary giants like Thomas Mann used to frequent the bar. Besides good drinks, food is also served here until late. So, if you are looking for a great place to eat late night, the Alter Simpl Bar is a good choice!

Alter Simpl Bar dustpuppy/Flickr

Alter Simpl Bar ©dustpuppy/Flickr


One of the classical music venues of Munich, the Gasteig is a popular place. The Gasteig Kulturzentrum houses the Münchner Philharmoniker. In case you are interested in classical performances instead of club music, the Gasteig is one of the best venues in Munich. It can be found on the Rosenheimer Strasse and it is very popular among the locals and visitors, too.

Gasteig, Munich groenbaek/Flickr

Gasteig, Munich ©groenbaek/Flickr

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