A short break at Lake Constance

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Have you ever dreamed about a relaxing escape in Germany? You should know that the North Sea is not the only option when it comes to beautiful and welcoming destinations. An interesting suggestion would be a short break at Lake Constance. The location of this lake is extremely beautiful, near the Alps, at the border of three countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Two thirds of the shorelines are in Germany. Situated at the altitude of 395m above the sea level and offering a great view of the Alps, the place makes the ideal option for a short family escape. A short break at Lake Constanceshould include a visit to the main islands, a boat trip, hiking, windsurfing, canoeing or swimming in the summer.

Facts about Lake Constance

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The lake was named after one of the towns at its shores, Konstanz, which is now a university centre.  The German name of the lake is Bordensee. With an area of 571 km, the lake is the third largest lake in Central Europe and consists of fresh water. It includes three bodies of water: the Seerhein, which is the connection to the Rhine through a beautiful delta, the Obersee or the upper lake and the Untersee or the lower lake.

Some say that the lake was formed by the Rhine Glacier during the ice age. It was actually mentioned during the Roman times. At that time, the lake was classified as a sea and was called the Swabian Sea. The lake has frozen a couple of times during the ages, sometimes totally, other times just partially. The lake currently provides fresh water to the cities surrounding it and is an important source of fish.

 A great place for relaxation in the summer

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This destination is a permanent attraction for tourists visiting Germany. It offers a picturesque view of the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. The serene waters of Lake Constance make it an ideal destination for relaxation. Still, the place has a lot to offer to the tourists looking for some sport, as well. Cycling around the lake, practicing water sports or hiking are some of the many options the active tourists can choose from.

The ideal time of the year to visit the lake is the spring, when the fruit trees are blooming. During the summer, the lake area becomes very crowded but the waters are ideal for swimming.  The shore area is full of medieval castles, baroque churches and museums while the hinterland has many attractions for children.

You can easily get here by plane, as the destination has its own airport, called Friedricshafen. Public transportation is also available and very well organized. The buses travel around the lake, while the fleet links all of the main cities around the lake, making the travelling here very easy.

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