A sightseeing tour of Hamburg

So you have decided to come toHamburgbut you are unsure about what to visit here. You should know thatHamburgis the second largest city in Germany and is actually a city-state. The green city of Hamburgused to be one of the Europe’s most famous harbours and has a lot of thing that worth visiting.

In the city centre

The city hall with the 112m tower on Mönckebergstrasse was built in 1897. Guided tours inside the hall are available. Behind the city hall you will find the House of Commerce and the Rathausmarkt. Still in the centre, the Inner Alster is a square shaped lake with an area of 18 hectares. It is enclosed on three sides by the streets Jungfernstieg, Neuer Jungfernstieg and Ballindamm, where most of the shops, restaurant and bars can be found.

What to see

The west area is mainly a shopping district with streets leading to the town hall. You can find here St. Jacobi and St. Petri churches. Another beautiful church is St Michaelis. Most buildings in this area are from the 20th century or older. Behind the Hubelhaus, under RadioHamburg, you can view the remains of the bishop tower.

If you follow the canal in the north of Rathausmarkt, after crossing  the famous shopping  street Jungfernstieg, you can get tolake Binnenalsterand boat tours will take you to the even bigger artificial lake, Aussenalster.

You can even stop at one of the favourites cafe-bars in Hamburg,  Café Wien on the Inner Alster Lake and sit on sun chairs or couches while enjoying the view of the lake. The nice cosy Café Wien is a little boat on the lake, with a bright and sunny winter garden. This place worth visited in between a long day of shopping or sightseeing.

The world’s oldest warehouse complex, Speicherstadt, is located in the Free Port. The warehouse is built in red brick and has the specific towers which beautifully reflect into the canal. You can plan to go on a harbour tour to see them in detail.

A thing not to be missed in Hamburg is Miniatur Wunderland, the biggest model railroad systems in the world. You can see here over 450 train models running  while controlled by computer programs. The brilliant mini-world also includes 50,000 trees, 65,000 people and 3,000 cars.

A museum that also worths visiting is the German Customs museum with the admission free of charge.

Source of pics: http://visithamburg.blogspot.com

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