A Tour in German Cuisine

Berliner Sausage

When hearing about A Tour in German Cuisine you cannot help thinking about sausages, potatoes or beer? Well, think again – there is so much more to it, despite the consumption of potatoes being indeed not small in Germany. It is not that simple, think about some of your favorite beers, there will surely be a couple of German beers among them. German sausages are also world famous and drinking good beer while eating sausages at a table with friends is a complete German experience you cannot ignore no matter how fond you might be of haute cuisine. 🙂 Our short German food and drink tour below is just a taste of what awaits you on a tour in Germany.

German Cuisine – more than just beer and sausages and still…

If you enjoy filing specialties, then you will definitely love the local high-calorie cuisine made of steaks, ham hocks, roasts and pig knuckle, but fortunately there is no such thing as A Tour in German Cuisine, but in fact each region has its highlights. Rheinland for instance is most famous for the Sauerbraten, that marinated horse-meat which is, from my own experience, delicious. North of Germany for instance is known for the dish called Labskaus, a mix of potatoes, corned beef, red beets and onions, pickled herring, with a fried egg on top sounds also tasty. If you are in the mood for something more spicy, then Lower Saxony is the right place for you – kale with pinkel, a sort of spicy sausage. Thuringians love their dumplings and also the tiny little sausages called Thuringian bratwurst, Bavarians on the other hand make great pride of their own sausages, the renowned Weisswuerstchen (white sausages) with sweet mustard and buttered Pretzel to be enjoyed before 11 a.m. – that is a local MUST. And those are just the best-known specialties. There are numerous other variations.

Beer, beer and more beer

Stereotypes sometimes do hit home – this is the case of  Germany with the famous beer and its more than a thousand varieties and over 500 years old experience in the brewing field. On April 23, 1516 Germans proclaimed the beer purity law, making this the oldest food related law in the world – no wonder Germans used to call it “fluessiges Brot” or liquid beer.

You will definitely be impressed by the variety of beer and tastes and also by the low prices. Most say that the best beer to enjoy in Germany would be Munich, but I think that no matter your choice you cannot possibly fail.

German Wines

There are also a number of appreciated wines originating from Germany, the most prolific wine areas being the Mosel, the Rhine, Saal and the Elbe river valley where some very. Red Wine lovers will enjoy the Spaetburgunder  and the Dornfelder, whereas those who prefer the white sorts can appreciate the Silvaner and Mueller-Thurgau.

German cuisine might come as a surprise for many tourist, but the flavours and tastes will immediately convince them they made the right choice. Just give it a try and you won’t regret.

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