A tourist guide to Leipzig

The New Town Hall in Leipzig ©en.wikipedia.org

Situated in the eastern part of Germany, the amazing city of Leipzig is a fantastic tourist destination, being home to numerous landmarks and visitor attractions. By population, it is Saxony’s largest city. The city of Leipzig used to be one of the most significant centers of culture and learning in Europe. Today the city is home to a prestigious opera house, numerous churches, monuments and buildings, one of Europe’s most modern zoos, numerous museums and theatres and so on. It is with no doubt a worth visiting city of Saxony. This tourist guide to Leipzig will include useful information relating to the best visitor attractions and will surely help you. I suggest you to read it before traveling.

The New Town Hall

One of the most beautiful and most representative landmarks of Leipzig is the New Town Hall. Since 1905 it has been the administrative seat of the city. The building can be found on the “ring road” of Leipzig vis-à-vis the city’s library. In 1895 the city ordered the construction of a new building which would serve as the town hall. The building’s foundation stone was in 1899. It had become a major visitor attraction and one of the most photographed landmarks of the city.

The New Town Hall in Leipzig ©en.wikipedia.org

St. Thomas Church

Also known as Thomaskirche, the beautiful church is one of the most spectacular churches of the city. The church is best-known for being the place where the worldwide famous composer, Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a cantor. It is also his burial place. Thomaskirche is a beautiful and attractive church. The actual building wears the characteristics of late Gothic architecture. Perhaps the major highlight of the church is the burial of Johann Sebastian Bach.

St Thomas Church in Leipzig ©vxla/Fickr

Federal Administrative Court of Germany

Another fantastic building of Leipzig is the seat of the Federal Administrative Court of Germany. Named Bundesverwaltungsgericht in German, the building is Leipzig’s former Reichsgericht building. It is also a major landmark of the city and a fantastic example of Neo-classic style.

Federal Administrative Court of Germany ©en.wikipedia.org

Leipzig Zoo

As I already mentioned it, Leipzig Zoo is one of Europe’s most modern zoos. It is an important and popular visitor attraction of the city. Opened in 1878, it is an old zoo which lies on a huge surface. It is home to over 2.000 animals. The zoo is well-known for the large number of carnivores living here.

The Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Named Völkerschlachtdenkmal in German, it is an outstanding monument dedicated to the Battle of Leipzig (1813). It was created to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon at the city. The monnument is immense and attracts dozens of visitors. If you are in Leipzig, you must visit this monument.


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