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Welcome to Germany Wanderer, your ultimate resource to traveling to and in Germany, this wonderful, diverse country with it’s vast historical and cultural heritage. We are a few guys absorbed with this wonderful civilization and people and in love with the architecture, the cities full of parks and the nice and hospitable people.

Apart from our enthusiasm for the country, we also have nearly a decade long experience in the travel industry being part of the Wanderer Guides network of travel blogs and we hope you will enjoy your stay.

What can you find here?

There is plenty of info and travel advice you can find here, everything you ever wanted to know about Germany, German traditions, the most famous museums, how to get around in the country. Learn what is it that they call Germany’s Romantic Road or how folks here celebrate New Year’s Eve.

If you already have plans about where you’d like to go or are undecided about your destinations, you cam browse among our program plans for you, like our day-trip plan for Dresden or our top favorite Berlin activities. You might be interested in Frankfurt’s trade fairs but perhaps you prefer to read about the the most livable cities in Germany – let me tell you, there is plenty of them and one is better than the other. There are also some German products you must experience once in the country, such as Bavarian beer or Lubecker marzipan and famous places you must have heard about, like the fairy tale like Neuschwanstein castle, the Romanesque churches of Cologne, Lake Constance or the Heidelberg castle in the heart of one of the first university towns in Europe.

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