An unforgettable holiday to Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle ©

Heidelberg is a real jewel of Germany. It can be found in the south-western part of the country, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Heidelberg is a major tourist destination of Germany, being considered a picturesque romantic city. The highlights of the city are the Baroque Old Town and the Heidelberg Castle. Besides, there are also other fantastic attractions in the town, including museums, churches, the university and so on. The most significant church is the Church of the Holy Spirit and the most notable museum is the Kurpfälzisches Museum. If you would like to make an unforgettable holiday to Heidelberg, read the following article before traveling. It might come in handy.

Heidelberg Castle

The most significant landmark and visitor attraction of Heidelberg is the beautiful castle named Heidelberg Castle or Heidelberger Schloss. The castle is not only famous in Heidelberg, but in the whole country, too. It is considered one of the most significant Renaissance castles in Germany. The original castle was built in the 13th century AD, but it was rebuilt several times. The castle wears the characteristics of Renaissance and Gothic styles. The castle is a major attraction of the area and attracts dozens of visitors every year.

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle ©

The Old Town

The Baroque Old Town of Heidelberg is also very attractive. The romantic part of Heidelberg is very attractive for visitors. There are numerous tourist attractions in the Old Town, including the Church of the Holy Spirit, the magnificent old stone bridge, the Karls’ Gate, the Marstall, the main street, the house of St George Knight and others. If you love to walk around in romantic cities, Heidelberg is the place to go, especially its Old Town.

The Old City Centre in Heidelberg

The Old City Centre in Heidelberg ©

The Church of the Holy Spirit

One of Heidelberg’s churches, the Church of the Holy Spirit is the most famous church of the city. It can be found in the middle of the Old Town’s market place. The church was built on the site of a Romanesque basilica, being the third religious building on its site. It is a major tourist attraction of the city and a beautiful church, with its steeple visible from miles around.

View over Heidelberg by night

View over Heidelberg by night ©

Kurpfälzisches Museum

The amazing museum of art and archeology, the Kurpfälzisches Museum is housed in the Palais Morass. The museum includes numerous collections, including paintings, archeology, applied arts, sculpture, graphic arts, municipal history and so on. The museum was founded in the 1870’s when the city purchased a significant collection from an art historian.


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