Around Lake Constance


The beautiful Lake Constance surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Alps is a perfect tonic if you are looking for an escape in the middle of nature. The lake offers a good choice of relaxation but the opportunity to practice water and ground sports as well. For instance, cycling around Lake Constance is an excellent way to enjoy the surroundings. You can choose from a variety of beautiful routes and cycling here is easy since there are so many cycle-tracks around the lake. If you are less of an active person, you can just walk through the medieval-style German towns on the shore and visit the objectives around Lake Constance.

The cycling route around the lake has 273 km and goes through many cities full of tourist attractions. Cycling is not the only way of getting around the lake. There are trains and buses running around Lake Constance which stop in the main cities of interest.

Konstanz and the Reichenau Island


Konstanz is the city that gave the name to Lake Constance and is the heart of the region. Situated at the German-Swiss border, the city has a lot to offer besides creating a Mediterranean atmosphere. Although the proximity has been bombed during the Second World War, the city remained a tourist attraction. Here you can visit the Altstadt (meaning “the old town), which is the historical centre, the Münster, which is a cultural centre in the region, or you can just shop in one of the city’s modern shopping centers. West of the city of Konstanz, there is the Reichenau Island. The island is famous because of its Benedictine Abbey of Reichenau dedicated to Virgin Mary and Saint Mark. A connection of the island with the mainland is established through a causeway built in 1838.

Some other attractions around the lake


In Birnau, another beautiful Bavarian town, you can visit the Baroque pilgrim’s church. Meersburg, built on a vineyard near the lake, with a historical and cultural background is another interesting destination in the region, although the city is not so popular for tourists.

Friedrichshafen is another attraction and is the nearest airport for getting to Lake Constance. You can visit here the Zeppelin Museum, a mix of art and technology holding the largest collection on aviation.

The Rhine Falls is situated in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen, near Neuhausen and is the Europe’s biggest waterfall. Above the fall, the Lauffen Castle is another attraction. During spring or summer, after the snow melts, you can see here impressive mass of water falling for 25 m.

If you haven’t got any plans for the summer and you would love to visit the European lake and its attractions by moving from one point to another, you should visit Lake Constance. Have a good trip!

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