Bavarian Beer and Food


Munichis the capital city and the heart of Bavaria. The city is noted for its culture, for its modern architecture, but also for its tasty cuisine. The Bavarian beer and food are delicious and famous all over the world. The visitors can try the traditional meals and drink the famous German beer. Now let’s get to know the Bavarian beer and food by the means of this article!

Bavarian food


Munichis well-known for its Weisswurst. This is a traditional sausage served with mustard and eaten along with a white wheat beer, called Weissbier. The Weisswurst is served in the morning or at noon. Schweinsbraten (which is roasted pork) and Schweinshaxe (roasted pig’s knuckle) are also specific for Munich. As a quick cheap snack, you can have a Leberkässemmeln. This is a roll filled with a mixture of veal, pork, spices and a hint of lemon. The mixture is called Leberkäse.


As you probably noticed, most of the local dishes are based on sausages and meat. Even though, vegetarians will easily find inMunicha vegetarian restaurant.Munichis a multi-cultural city and is home to plenty of international restaurants for all tastes: Irish, Greek, Indian, Lebanese, Spanish, Turkish and even American. As a less expensive alternative to the restaurants, you can buy from the fresh markets inMunich.

Drinks and desserts

What about a Bavarian dessert?  The Bavarian cakes served in the cafes are delicious. They are made from natural fine quality ingredients. The Bavarians also have their traditional bakeries.


No matter the plat you chose, it can go very well with a beer. The public festival celebrating the autumn and the German beer is Oktoberfest. In pubs, the standard serving for a beer is 0.5 L. You will never find here a „small beer”. Some of the Bavarian taverns do offer 0.33 L servings, but they are considered women’s drinks. A Bavarian bartender will find it funny if a man orders a small serving of beer.

In Bavariayou can also try the flavoured beer. Radler is a mixture of beer and lemonade. Another sweet choice with the same percentage of alcohol as the pure beer is eine Goasnmass, a beer mixed with coke and cherry brandy. Besides the famous beer, Bavarians also have a very strong coffee culture. You will find inMunich plenty of small cafes where you can enjoy a fresh coffee together with a piece of bakery or cake.

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