Berlin the capital of culture


The town emerged from the aftermath of WWII and the Cold War. The city has established itself ever since, as a European glowing center of culture. Today, the notoriety of Berlin overcame the expectance. More and more tourists come back here every year and some decide to stay because the city has so much to offer. During the glory years of Weimar Republic, Berlin the capital of culture gathered many poets and artists. Here is the place where you can spend an entire day without getting bored and like Frankfurt, this is also a multi-cultural city. Twenty years after the Berlin wall fall, we can still call Berlin the capital of culture.

The home of German artists


Maybe it is the stunning landcapes with large forests, lakes and sparkling waterways that inspired artists to create or maybe it is the city’s dark and turbulent history that inspired them to work. Berlin is a city of art, a city of culture, where the German Expressionism was born. The city inspired many artists, poets, writers or painters. Alfred Döblin published in 1929 a novel about a small-time criminal in 1920’s Berlin, called Berlin Alexanderplatz. The book, which has also inspired thwo movies with the same name (in 1931 an 1980), is now on the top 100 books of all time. Alexanderplatz is a public square in Berlin, that Berliners often call simply „Alex”. The square was a cattle market at the origins, located outside the fortifications. It was named in honor of Alexander I, the Russian Emperor who visited King Frederick William III of Prussia in Berlin, in 1805.

The new Berlin


Today, the New Berlin has a liberal sense of hedonism. The circumstances made Berlin, the city of culture that is today. If you wander in the central district of Mitte, you’ll be impressed by the many art-galleries. In the nightspots, you are likely to hear poetry reading or classic music playing. The city has a prestigious ballet with formidable shows, three opera houses and six orchestras, including the Philharmoniker. Berlin has also an incredible number of English theaters. The city has an Old National Art Gallery that holds 19th century works and a Museumisnsel (Museum Island), where you can find many valuable pieces of art. The Berliner Dom is a beautiful cathedral that offers a breath-taking panorama on top of its cupola.

For young people, the Love Parade is on top of their preferences, mostly for techno fans. The Berlin Film Festival is also part of the Berlin’s cultural program. The festival became as prestigious as Venice or Cannes film festivals and is very appreciated by the European film fans.

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