Berlin’s religious buildings

Berliner Dom HappyPilowHead/Flickr

Berliner Dom ©HappyPilowHead/Flickr

Berlin, the German capital city is a spectacular tourist destination. There are dozens of fantastic visitor attractions which make this city a top urban travel destination. In some of the previous articles I have already presented you Berlin’s top landmarks and museums. Below I will present you Berlin’s religious buildings. There are some beautiful churches here which are with no doubt must-see attractions for those who love to visit religious buildings. Berlin Cathedral, the Church of St. Mary, St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Gethsemanekirche are just five of the most beautiful religious buildings of the city. I suggest you to visit as many as you can. It will surely be a great experience.

Berlin Cathedral

With no doubt the most breathtaking religious building of Berlin is its fantastic cathedral named Berliner Dom. This astonishing Evangelical church is situated on the famous Museuminsel (Museum Island) of Berlin. As the huge building was built in several stages, the cathedral wears the characteristics of numerous different architectural styles: Renaissance, Brick Gothic, Baroque, Neoclassical and Neo-Renaissance. The city’s largest church is extremely popular among tourists, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Guided tours are available Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00, on Sundays and during holidays from 12:00 to 20:00. (March 2013)

Berliner Dom HappyPilowHead/Flickr

Berliner Dom ©HappyPilowHead/Flickr

St. Hedwig’s Cathedral

Berlin’s Roman Catholic cathedral, the beautiful St. Hedwig’s Cathedral is another famous religious building of the city. Situated on the Bebelplatz, the beautiful building was completed in 1773. The spectacular church wears the characteristics of Neoclassical style. The huge domed church is undoubtedly one of the top architectural jewels of Berlin.

St. Hedwig’s Cathedral lostajy/Flickr

St. Hedwig’s Cathedral ©lostajy/Flickr

The Church of St. Mary

St. Mary’s Church is also named Marienkirche. It is situated in the city centre, near the well-known Alexanderplatz. The church was first mentioned in 1292, but the date of its construction is unknown. During the late 19th century the church was largely restored. Today it is a Lutheran Protestant church, but it was built as a Roman Catholic one. The immense church is very attractive for visitors. A statue of Martin Luther can be found outside the building.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The astonishing Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is also known as Gedächtniskirche. Situated on the Kurfürstendamm, the church was constructed during the 1890s. It was later severely damaged and rebuilt in the 20th century. It is composed of a foyer and a belfry. It is a unique structure in Berlin, being very attractive for tourists.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church roger4336/Flickr

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church ©roger4336/Flickr

The Gethsemanekirche

Another breathtaking religious building of Berlin is the Gethsemanekirche. This Lutheran church was completed in 1893 and wears the characteristics of Neo-Brick Gothic and Romanesque Revivalism. Named after the Garden of Gethsemane, the church is the most significant religious building in the borough of Pankow.



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