Best cities to visit in Germany

Among the best cities to visit in Germany, we should start with the largest city which is also the capital. Berlin has a population of 3.4 million inhabitants and is one of the 16 states of Germany. It is a city of culture, politics, science and media and it is on the top of European destinations for tourists. The city is known for its festivals, such as the film festival in Berlin, but also for its architecture, nightlife, culture and the high quality of living. But the other cities of Germany are not less beautiful and less interesting. German architecture, cultural heritage, hospitality and the variety of events and festivals draw a large number of tourists to other big cities of the country.

The big four cities

There are two other cities counting more than one million residents: Hamburg (1.8 million) and Munich (1.3 million). Cologne has little less than 1 million (998,000).

The second largest city, Hamburg, is also the third largest port in Europe and one of the best cities to visit in Germany. It is the preferred tourist destination in Germany, especially for overseas visitors. A city tour of Hamburg should include the St. Michaelis (or Michel) church, the warehouse district, the Landungsbrücken or the harbor promenade and some of the many museums in the city.

The capital of Bavaria, Munich, is located on the River Isar in the Bavarian Alps. It is considered to be a Cosmopolitan city with a heart as the city’s motto is “Munich likes you”. It is a top-ranked location for migration. There are four grand avenues built in the 19th century, with royal buildings that connect Munich center with the suburbs. The Deutsches Museum, situated on an island in the River Isar, is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world. Hofbräuhaus in Munich is the most famous beer hall in the world while the Oktoberfest festival is another of the Munich’s best attractions.

In case you are visiting Cologne you should see the Cologne Cathedral or you can stop by the Farina Fragrance museum, which is the birthplace of Eau de Cologne. If you enjoy spending the night in a pub, you should know that this city has the most pubs per person in Germany.

Frankfurt am Main

The city has a population of 662,000 and is the center of international finance. The name is translated in English by “Frankfurt on the Main” because the city is located on an ancient ford of the Main River. The airport in Frankfurt is one of the busiest international airports in the world. The city is the home of cultural and educational institutions, such as Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, museums and two immense botanical gardens.

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