Best outdoor activities in Germany

Skiing in the Zugspitze ©anja_johnson/Flickr

Skiing in the Zugspitze ©anja_johnson/Flickr

Germany is not just a country abundant in historic cities and cultural landmarks, it is also a land of hundreds of natural wonders. If you are a nature-lover, looking for a great country to visit and in addition you are looking for some outdoor activities to practice, Germany will be a perfect destination for you! In some of my previous articles I have already presented you numerous natural attractions of the country, including mountains, national parks, lakes and even beaches. Below I will present you the best outdoor activities which can be practiced in Germany. Some of these activities and sports are the following: trekking, mountain biking, skiing, skydiving, rock climbing and so on. Which one to choose only depends on your preferences and courage.


There are numerous regions and sites in Germany perfect for trekking tours. Perhaps the most breathtaking and most popular of them all is the southern region of the country.

The unspoiled mountainous areas of the Bavarian mountains, the peaceful and authentic German villages, the lush valleys with imposing “schlosses” (castles) and historic towns with typical timber-framed architecture make a unique travel experience for every tourist. The temperate weather also makes the trek enjoyable.

Mountain biking

Are you more of an adventurer tourist? If you love mountain biking, you will adore Germany! There are numerous mountains in this country which are abundant in mountain bike trails. Numerous trails are tens or even hundreds of km long, but it is worth following them as the scenery is unique. You will surely enjoy the ride.


Although the German Alps and their ski resorts are less-known than the ones in France or Switzerland, skiing in Germany is also a popular outdoor activity. Garmisch, Mittenwald, Obersdorf and Berchtesgaden are the most popular regions for skiers. From beginners to experts, Germany has varied terrain for every skier. The ski resorts are also performed and offer excellent services and facilities.

Skiing in the Zugspitze ©anja_johnson/Flickr

Skiing in the Zugspitze ©anja_johnson/Flickr


If you are looking for a unique outdoor activity, a great extreme sport, skydiving will be a good choice! Nothing compares to a freefalling experience. The central and northern regions of the country are popular among skydivers. Jumping from 13.000 ft, you will feel the adrenaline pumping in your head. It is surely a unique experience.

Skydiving in Germany anja_johnson/Flickr

Skydiving in Germany ©anja_johnson/Flickr

Rock climbing

The southern part of the country, dominated by the Alps, is a paradise for climbers, including rock climbers, too. Summer is the best season to practice this sport. The regions of the Black Forest and Rhine-Main are among the most popular regions for climbers.

Rock climbing in Germany belboo/Flickr

Rock climbing in Germany ©belboo/Flickr



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