Best Ten Attractions in Germany

If you are about to plan a trip to Germany and you are looking for some recommendations, here is a list of things that you can see or do. These are the Best Ten Attractions in Germany that should not be missed by visitors.

Neuschwanste Castle


Neuschwanstein is a very romantic, fairy and famous castle in Germany. It is the most photographed building in Germany as is one of the Best Ten Attractions in Germany for visitors. Located in the Alps, the castle was Disney’s inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty story.

Historical Cities: Berlin, Weimar and Trier

The cities in Germany tell the history of the country. The Brandenburg Gate, built in 1791 in Berlin is the national symbol of Germany as a symbol of peace. During the Cold War, the gate stood between the East and the West Berlin. After the wall fell, the gate became the symbol of Germany’s reunification.

In the East side of Germany, Weimar is the heart of the German culture. It is the city of Goethe and Bach and the birthplace of the Bauhaus movement.

Founded as a Roman colony in 16 BC, Trier is the oldest city in Germany. It was the residence of several Roman emperors.

The Cathedral of Cologne and Dresden Frauenkirche


The Cathedral of Cologne is one of the most important architectural monuments in Germany. It is also the third tallest cathedral in the world. The construction plan began in 1248, but the church was finished only 600 years later. The building was the only one to survive the bombing during in Cologne the World War II.

The Church of Our Lady (Dresden Frauenkirche) has a moving history too. The church was destroyed during the bombing and collapsed into a high pile of rubble. The ruins were left untouched for 40 years as a reminder of the destructive power of the war.

Scenic places: the Romantic Road and the Black Forrest


The scenic route leads through a region that boats extremely beautiful landscapes with charming old towns with half-timbered houses, castles and restaurants.

If you are looking for natural landscapes, visit the Black Forrest or the Schwarzwald. There are plenty of scenic routes that can be explored by walking, hiking or biking.

The festivals: Oktoberfest and the Christmas Markets

Oktoberfest is an essential experience when visiting Germany as it gathers over 6 million people each time. You should also pay a visit to Hofbräuhaus, the most famous beer hall in the country.

The Christmas markets take place each year during the holiday season in many of the German towns. Starting November these markets turn the cities into magical wonderlands.

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