Budget tips for visitors in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate Andrew Mason/Flickr

The Brandenburg Gate ©Andrew Mason/Flickr

The German capital city, Berlin is a great tourist destination, being one of the favorite destinations of Europe! You may consider that the city is an expensive place to visit, but it is actually not if you choose the following sights. You do not need to spend a lot of money to enjoy yourself in the German capital city. There are numerous free or cheap things to do and to see in this majestic city.

These will surely make unforgettable everyone’s visit. If you are traveling on limited budget, don’t miss to read this guide. Below I will present you the most famous free and cheap sights of Berlin, with other words some budget tips for visitors in Berlin. Besides, I will also give you some tips for free walking tours and cheap eats.

The Brandenburg Gate

The most iconic landmark of Berlin is the beautiful monument named the Brandenburg Gate. It is the best-known attraction of the city which became a symbol of freedom for the city after the Berlin Wall fell. Besides, it is a free tourist attraction, being one of the most photographed landmarks of Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate Andrew Mason/Flickr

The Brandenburg Gate ©Andrew Mason/Flickr

The Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe

Another excellent and free tourist attraction of Berlin is the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe. The memorial was built to honor the 6 million murdered Jews during the Holocaust. The Field of Stelae is always open and the admission is free.

The Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building is another well-known landmark of Berlin, being a free tourist attraction. It is considered to be the second most visited sight of Germany. There is no entry fee, but advance registration is required. Queues can be long so it is advised to get there before 10:00 or after dark. Climb to the top of the glass dome and have a gorgeous view over the city.

The Reichstag Building az1172/Flickr

The Reichstag Building ©az1172/Flickr

The Berlin Wall

One of the most attractive and best-known landmarks of the city is the Berlin Wall. There are about 100 paintings on the wall from national and international artists, making the wall the largest open-air gallery of the world.

Berlin Wall NatalieMaynor/Flickr

Berlin Wall ©NatalieMaynor/Flickr

Free walking tours

The city can be easily explored by foot. There are numerous free walking tours available all year round. The tours take you around the most famous sights of Berlin. It’s up to you how much you want to pay the guide.

Cheap eats

Are you looking for cheap eateries? There are numerous cheap restaurants in Berlin. Choose one and order currywurst. It is a delicious, yet cheap dish. Besides, there are grillwalkers all around the city. They sell sausages for only 1,50€. Don’t miss to taste the sausage! It’s really delicious.


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