Buy the best souvenirs in Germany

Hummel figurines, photo by Jason Pratt/Flickr

Buying souvenirs for the family and friends is also an important part of a holiday. If you are about to visit Germany on your next vacation, this is the perfect article for you. There are so many things you should buy in Germany that maybe you will need a little help.

Germany has numerous symbolic objects which can make the perfect souvenirs and gifts for your family members and friends. Choose any of them and you will surely make them satisfied. The Hummel figurines, the Steiff toys or the Brother Grimm’s fairy tale books are just three souvenir ideas. These can make perfect gifts for ladies and children. As for men, they will surely be happy to get a giant beer mug, brewery coasters, a bottle opener or a German hat. Read on to find out which are the best German souvenirs.

The German hats

Buy German hiking hats or hunter hats and you will surely please you male family members or friends. The hiking hat is speckled gray with a green cord, while the hunter hat is dark green, being decorated also with a green cord. Both are made of 100% wood felt. These hats are part of the traditional German attire and make great gifts. You can also choose one or even more hat pins, such as feather hat pins, eagle hat pins, elk hat pins, alpine mountaineering hat pins and so on.

The Hummel Figurines

If you would like to buy a lovely gift for a lady or child, choose the Hummel figurine! The factory where these figurines were produced closed in 2008, making them unique gifts. All the figurines are hand-made which make them more valuable. The process of the production takes several weeks. The result is a beautiful and cute figurine known as Hummel figurine.

Hummel figurines, photo by Jason Pratt/Flickr

The Steiff Toys

Buying a toy for a child is a usual thing, but buying a Steiff toy is something special. There are numerous collectors of Steiff toys worldwide and your child will also adore this cute stuffed animal. Made of the finest material, such as mohair or felt, the Teddy Bear is one of the children’s big favorites. Buy your child a Steiff toy and see how happy you make him.

Steiff toys, photo by Sirius™/Flickr

The Birkenstock Shoes

These shoes have been manufactured in the country since the 18th century. Today, they make fantastic souvenirs for parents, grandparents or even friends. They are not only comfortable, but healthy, too. Nicknamed the “Birks”, these shoes are also very trendy nowadays. If you would like to make a useful and fantastic gift at the same time, opt for the Birkenstock shoes!

Birkenstock shoes, photo by Finding Josephine/Flickr

The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Books

Who doesn’t know at least one fairy tale of the worldwide famous Grimm Brothers? Well, if some of your friends are Grimm Brothers fans or there is a child in the family, make sure to buy a Brother Grimm’s fairy tale book. These include such classics as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella or Snow White. Maybe even you yourself will feel the necessity to buy yourself such a fantastic fairy tale book.


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