Child-friendly attractions in Germany

Hippo at Cologne Zoo Lestidae/Flickr

Hippo at Cologne Zoo ©Lestidae/Flickr

Are you visiting Germany on your next holiday? Will you take the kids, too? In this case you have to look for some child-friendly attractions in the country so that they can enjoy the holiday, too. Germany has many sights and destinations dedicated for the kids. It only depends on the region or city you are planning to visit. From fantastic and immense zoos to interesting children museums, from fantastic theme- and leisure parks to fun pool and kids theatres, Germany has it all! Take them to any of the below mentioned attraction and they will surely be very satisfied. Read on to find out which are the best and most popular attractions dedicated to the kids.

Zoological gardens

The children love to visit zoological gardens and so do many adults, too. In case you and your children love animals, one of the best attractions in a big city of Germany is a zoo. There are dozens of fantastic zoological gardens all around the country. The best and most popular ones are the following: Nuremberg Zoo, Cologne Zoo, Hamburg Zoo, Berlin Zoo, Frankfurt Zoo and others. Visiting any of them will surely make a memorable experience for all the members of the family.

Hippo at Cologne Zoo Lestidae/Flickr

Hippo at Cologne Zoo ©Lestidae/Flickr

Children museums

Does your kid love to visit cultural attractions like museums? In case you are travelling with children of at least 7 years old, take them to a museum dedicated to kids. There are some great museums in many cities all around the country. The Museum for children in Munich, the Children and Youth Museum LIPSIKUS and the Children’s Museum in Frankfurt are just some of the most popular ones.

Leisure parks

There are numerous theme- and leisure parks in Germany, too. Spending the day on a leisure park is the dream of every kid. So, if you would like to make your children happy and have fun at the same time, take them to a leisure park.

Some of the most important and best ones are the following: the Lochmühle Leisure Park near Frankfurt, the Leisure park Cochem, the Leisure Parks Hamburg – Sierksdorf, the Tiki-Kinderland in Solingen, the fantastic LEGOLAND in Berlin and so on.

LEGOLAND in Berlin wiredforlego/Flickr

LEGOLAND in Berlin ©wiredforlego/Flickr

Fun pools

Is your kid fascinated by water? In this case you have to take him to a swim in a fun pool of Germany. There are such fun pools in many cities of the country, including Dusseldorf, Hamburg (Bille fun pool), Hanover (Wedemark fun pool), Munich (Erding) and even Bremen (Vegesack fun pool).

Waterslide for children gvgoebel/Flickr

Waterslide for children ©gvgoebel/Flickr


If your child loves the theatre, Germany has something to offer him, too. There are great kids-theatres in the country, including the Theatre Mummpitz in Nuremberg, the Kaleidoscope in Berlin, the Theatre Waidspeicher in Erfurt and others.

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