Contrasts in Frankfurt

The following is an invite to the largest financial centre on Europe, the city of coronations as known in the German history and also the city of Goethe. Frankfurt is a multicultural city, full of diversity, where 40% of the population is represented by immigrants. This means that almost one out of three people living here is from another country. You will find plenty of surprising contrasts in Frankfurt and the city still offers a lot to discover.

The unique of Frankfurt


Maybe it is for the contrasts in Frankfurt that people around the world came and decided to live here. Even those who pay a casual visit to the city will understand and share citizen’s enthusiasm for these contrasts. In fact, the city has always been known for its colourful variety of urban contrasts. The metropolis has gained widespread historical fame for the coronation of German emperors and kings during the history, for Goethe and for the first national assembly in 1848. Nowadays, the city is equally well known as an international trade fair location and as the Europe’s foremost finance and business centre. It is only here that we can have the unique combination of history and modernity and the mix of so many cultures and languages.

A short tour of the city

The city’s architecture is full of diversity as well and yet attractive to visitors. You will find here modern buildings as opposed to historical buildings, churches and museums. For instance right next to the skyscrapers, you will see the welcoming Ebbelwei pubs or in the populated city centre you can find historical plenty of sites. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose memorial house can be visited any time of the year, is not the only thing the city is famous for. The city is also proud for its cathedral Kaiserdom and for the Paulskirche, which is the cradle of German democracy. If you are passionate by the culture and you do not have much time at your disposal, you should go to Museumsufer, where 13 museums expect your visit in the same location. Frankfurt is also the home for more than 40 museums so you have plenty of cultural choices.

Another interesting thing about Frankfurt is that the city remains one of the few cities in Germany where people still hold their own vineyards. The climate and the soil build a favourable environment. It is here that you can taste the delicious apple wine, a soft but tasty alcoholic beverage made from apple juice or cider.



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