Convincing reasons to visit Germany

Cologne Cathedral Fearless Fred/Flickr

Cologne Cathedral ©Fearless Fred/Flickr

Germany is an extremely popular tourist destination. It is a country full of culture, history and art. There are numerous beautiful historic cities and towns in Germany, not to mention its wonderful natural jewels. There are several reasons which make this country a top tourist destination. Below I will present you the best convincing reasons to visit Germany.

These reasons include the gorgeous visitor attractions and wonderful cities, the high level accommodation, the several fantastic festivals, the high quality infrastructure and the local cuisine. If you were hesitating about your holiday to Germany, I suggest you to read this guide. After you’ve finished reading, you will surely be 100% sure about the journey.

Gorgeous visitor attractions

Germany is famous for its fantastic cultural and natural attractions. From castles to cathedrals, from mountains to lakes, from museums to palaces, from seaside resorts to spas, Germany simply has it all! The deluge of the fascinating attracts millions of tourists every year. Some of the most beautiful and most famous visitor attractions of Germany are the following: Heidelberg Castle, Cologne Cathedral, Dresden’s Church of Our Lady, Neuschwanstein Castle, the Brandenburg Gate, the Rhine Valley and its jewels, Sanssouci Palace, the Museum Island in Berlin and so on. The list is very extensive, there are so many fantastic sights in Germany that it would be hard to mention all of them.

Cologne Cathedral Fearless Fred/Flickr

Cologne Cathedral ©Fearless Fred/Flickr

Historic cities

Some of Europe’s most fascinating cities are found in Germany. Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden, Frankfurt, Munich, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Düsseldorf are just some of the most significant and most breathtaking German cities. The capital city with its numerous and fantastic landmarks is the most visited city of the country. The Bavarian capital, Munich is also among the most attractive and most popular cities of Germany. The second largest German city, Hamburg is also a significant tourist destination. Wherever you go in Germany, you will find fantastic cities, towns and even villages.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Alexandra Svatikova/Flickr

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin ©Alexandra Svatikova/Flickr

Fantastic festivals

There are excellent events and festivals held in the country. Oktoberfest is the most significant and most popular one. It is a worldwide famous festival which attracts millions of tourists every October. Besides Munich, several other cities host Oktoberfest events. The biggest one still remains the Munich Oktoberfest. Besides, there are other festivals and events held year-round in Germany, including beer festivals, film festivals, fairs, music festivals, carnivals, Christmas markets and so on.

Oktoberfest Bernt Rostad/Flickr

Oktoberfest ©Bernt Rostad/Flickr

High level accommodation

You surely know that Germany is famous for its excellent hotels. The accommodation is characterized by high quality. There are fantastic hotels, hostels, resorts, villas and other types of accommodation all over Germany. Whatever your destination would be, you will find great places to spend the night at.

High quality infrastructure

When choosing a destination, it is very important to know how the infrastructure is in the visited country. Well, if you visit Germany, you won’t have any problem relating to this. There are several forms of means of transportation and these offer high level quality to the passengers. From buses to metros, from trams to trains and rental cars, Germany has it all!

German cuisine

German cuisine, especially the Bavarian one is very famous. Besides wine and sausages, Germany has much more on offer. Cheese and fish are also very popular. Some of the main Bavarian dishes are the following: Weisswurst, Bread soup, Steckerlfisch, Schweinsbraten and so on. I suggest you to taste as many as you can.



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