Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

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The Dachauconcentration camp was the first concentration camp in Germany. The camp is located in the southern Germany, on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory, in the small city of Dachau, near Munich. The camp was opened on 1933 (51 days after Nazi took the power) and was the first regular Nazi concentration camp. It is often referred as the first concentration camp for political prisoners.

About the concentration camp



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The camp was established a few weeks after Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor. It served as a model for the rest of concentration camps in Germanyand was actually called a „school of violence”. The camp functioned for 12 years. During the Nazi operations, many prisoners were imprisoned in the Dachau Concentration Camp. Unlike the other Nazi concentration camps, the majority of prisoners only served here for a specific time, after which they were released. This was not an extermination camp and the number of Jewish atDachau was smaller as compared to the number of political prisoners or prisoners of war. However, out of the 200,000 persons who were imprisoned here, around 40,000 died in the concentration camp inDachau. The camp included a couple of barracks, an area of prisoners, but also a complex training field for Nazi soldiers and a munitions factory. The camp was liberated by theUS troops at the end of the war, in 1945. At the time of liberation, many SS soldiers and guards were killed by the American soldiers or by the liberated prisoners.

The Memorial site


On the initiative of the surviving prisoners who formed the Comité International de Dachau, a memorial site was established on the grounds of the former concentration camp. The construction of the Dachau concentration camp memorial was financed by the Bavarian government. This was followed by series of exhibitions called the „Path of the Prisoners”. The memorial site can be visited today from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Even as an individual visitor, you can benefit from guided tours, audio guides or you can view a documentary film about the history of the camp. The guided tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial includes the former camp and the historical buildings. It aims to provide an image of the former concentration camp and of the memorial site. The documentary called „The Dachau Concentration Camp” is 22 minutes long and has age restrictions.


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