Did you know that?

From all the European countries, Germany is the most populous and owns the strongest economy system but there are still a couple of things that you might not know about this country. Besides being the strongest economy in Europe, Germany is also the third economical power in the world and did you know that the country is the preferred location for foreign students who wish to study abroad or that the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany was one of the largest sport events in the world?

The Fatherland and the best cities

Did you know that the country is also called the “Fatherland”, a nationalist concept, because of the anti-Nazi propaganda during the Second World War? The original term “Vaterland” (which means “homeland”) was translated in English by “Fatherland” and the English term is associated, as a result, with the Nazi German government.
Did also you know that Munich was rated the best city in Germany for women? The German city of Munich, located in the southern part of the country, was recognized as the best city for women. The city earned this recognition in the categories such as quality of life, health, relationships and job opportunities for women.  Besides that, it has the lowest cost of living and an extremely low crime rate. Munich has the most day care centres, schools with full-day programme, the highest proportion of women in leadership position and the most opportunities for working part-time.
Even if Germans are well-known for their “wurtst’s” and the plates rich in meat, they have opened the first vegan supermarket in Europe. The store is called “Vegelicious” and opened in February this year. Situated in the city centre, the building has more than 100 square meters and is the only vegan supermarket in Europe at this moment.

The most popular country

Another interesting thing about Germany is that the country has been voted as the most popular country during an international survey conducted by BBC. 62% of people from 27 countries topped the country on the first place in popularity and it was followed by UK, Canada and Japan.
You should also know that Germany is the second investor, after China, in renewable energy. An environmental study shows that Germany (followed closely by US and Italy) spends one of the highest amounts on wind and solar energy, recovering from the global economic downturn. Germany is also a great power in the car industry and has one of the highest living standards in the world.

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