Discover Dresden the capital of Saxony




Dresden is an excellent European city break. In case you are travelling from Berlin to Prague, you should stop and discover Dresden the capital of Saxony. The city was founded on the site of a small Slavonic fishing village in the 15th century. It used to be the merchant’s settlement but also the seat of the local rulers. The beautiful site was the residence of the Saxons dukes, princes and kings for centuries. This city has experienced not only splendid and blooming eras but it also went through tragedy years as well. During the 18th century this was the European centre of politics, culture and economy and two centuries from that era, it became an entirely destroyed city, a ruin. However, the city is unique and its charm was developed through a turbulent history. You should discover Dresden the capital of Saxony in all its beauty and here are some available options of visiting the city.

Discover the city on a land tour



You can chose from the many options of visiting the city. A guided walking tour through the old city centre is a good option in case you do not have much time. Discovering the city by bus is another good option because the capital of Saxony offers its visitors a very dense local public transport network. Every destination can be reached conveniently, in short time and inexpensively. As a more active alternative, in Dresden you can visit the city by bike. You can bring your own bike or you can rent one for around 12 Euros/day). The major bike renters are Netbike, Deutsche Bahn (which can be found in the main train station and in the Neustadt train station), but there are some other bicycle shops, as well. The most important bike path follows the Elbe River, while the Elbe Cycle Trail, with its 860 kilometres, is popular among the most experienced bikers.

Cruises on the Elbe River



Another pleasant way of visiting Dresdenus is by taking a cruise on the Elbe River. This is a perfect way of discovering the city for those who a land tour seems a bit too boring. By taking the paddle-wheel steamer “Palace Tour”, you can see the palaces on the Elbe River, the Blue Wonder, the beautiful church “Maria am Wasser” (Mary on the Water) and the Pillnitz Palace, the former residence of the Saxons kings. Another tour that can be done in the summer is called the “Bridge Tour” and it goes by the five bridges on the Elbe. You can see theDresden’s illuminated skyline on the “Evening Tour” and the beautiful “Canaletto perspective” or the Frauenkirche. Longer steamboat cruises are also available from the Saxon Switzerland to the Elberegion.

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