Discovering Frankfurt’s churches and cathedrals

If you ever visit Frankfurtyou will realize that a couple of days is not enough for viewing all it has to offer. The German metropolis has lots of tourist attractions. You might be fascinated by the green side of the city or by the modern architecture, but in either way, you should not miss visiting the beautiful old cathedras of the city. Discovering Frankfurt’s churches and cathedrals is a must-do for every visitor inFrankfurt.

Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral


The journey of discovering Frankfurt’s churches and cathedrals should begin with Saint Bartholomew’s Church. Out of all cathedrals in Frankfurt, this represents the oldest church and the main attraction. This cathedral was the tallest building of the city by the time it was built, in the 14th century. The church was constructed on the foundation of an earlier Merovingian church. It is a gothic-style church named after Apostle Bartholomew. In the past, the kings and emperors of the Roman Empire were crowned here. It has been simply named “the cathedral” although it has never been a bishop seat. This was destroyed by fire in the 19th century and by the World War II but the building was rebuilt shortly after. It offers a great viewing platform at 66 metres over the city, which is open to public visitors.

Saint Paul’s Church


Paulskirche is another beautiful church in Frankfurt. Located just north of the Roemer place, this was built in the 18th century and established as a Protestant church. It was declared a national historic monument because of its great political symbolism (the church was the seat of the Parliament in 1848).  Just like Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral, this church was also destroyed by the war. The interior was almost entirely damaged and now has a modern appearance. Today, the church is a memorial site but is not used for religions events. The church is an event centre and hosts various types of events, such as awarding of the German Peace Prize.

Saint Catherine’s Church


Dedicated to the Catherine of Alexandra, Katharinenkircheis today the largest evangelical church in the city. Like the rest of the churches, this church did not escape the allied bombing. It was reconstructed five years after the war ended.  You can visit this church in the city centre in Hauptwache, at the beginning of the famous shopping street, the Zeil. Its tower stands at 54 metres.

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