Discovering the Bavarian Alps


A great part of the Alpsis located in Germanyand they are known as the German or the Bavarian Alpsbecause of their location in the proximity of the Bavariafederal state. The Bavarian Alpsstretch down to the Austrian border, which separates them from the Austrian Alps. Discovering the Bavarian Alps is a perfect way of spending winter or summer holidays for mountain lovers as this is one of the most scenic places in the Central Europe. The German Alps offer the most picturesque landscapes of all Germany. The old traditions are still strong and well preserved. Discovering the Bavarian Alps is a great choice when it comes to spending a quite but active holiday inEurope becauseBavaria is the paradise for outdoor activities, wild nature experiences and skiing.

The relief and the landscapes


TheBavarian Alpsarea is very rural with abundant wildlife and many cold crystal-blue lakes and green forests. The flowing rivers are abundant as well. The region is very similar to the neighbour areas,SalzburgandTyrol. When discovering theBavarian Alps, you get the feeling that you are in a quiet, isolated and very green corner of the county. While the mountains are not as high as their neighbours, they are none the less imposing. This imposing appearance is due to their massive vertical rise, which makes them look much higher than they actually are.

What to do here



The Bavarian Alpsare a perfect escape for all seasons. In summer, hiking is a very popular activity, while skiing and snowboarding are practiced in the ski resorts from southern Bavaria. The region has many interesting roads and paths through the middle of nature and is very appreciated by mountain bikers and motorbike riders too. If time allows, you should also visit the castles in the Bavarian Alps, such as the Neuschwanstein Castle, or the large delightfulLakeChiemsee together with its two inhabited islands. You will also find some spa resorts in the area. The Bavarian Alps area between Memmingen and Kempten is dotted with many spa resorts dedicated to the hydrotherapy. Besides, you should also try the Bavarian drinks and dishes, such as the very filling “Kässpätzle”. They say the Bavarian beer is the best in the world. When it comes to accommodation, you can chose from a wide variety of hotels, hostels, guest houses and even camping in the middle of nature.

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