Dresden’s famous festivals

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Dresden is an old German city documented since 1206 and was the home of many famous German kings. Many buildings in Dresden date from medieval times and they were home to the royal families. Dresden’s beautiful architecture and Dresden’s famous festivals bring over ten million tourists every year. Most of the tourists come from Germany, but the city also has a lot of international tourists, coming especially from US or China. Dresden is a stop between Prague and Berlin. The main attraction in the city is the Old Town with its Baroque architecture. Dresden is also home to a number of worldwide known festivals. There are plenty things to do in Dresden and we are about to discover some of Dresden’s famous festivals. The magazines regularly feature the forthcoming events and festivals. The most important festivals are the music festivals, such as Dresden Music Festival and the Dresden Dixieland Festival in May o the Festival of Contemporary Music in October.

Summer festivals


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Bunte Republick Neustadt or BRN is a massive street festival that takes place once a year in Neustadt, in June. The event consists of many stages where all style of music is played. It runs very late and offers a wide variety of food and drinks. Dixieland Festival is another music festival which takes place in May, in the Old Town. It is the Europe’s biggest Jazz festival, attracting bands and visitors all over Europe, America and the rest of the world. At Dixieland, you can enjoy a week filled with jazz music and rhythms and high spirits. If you are passionate about jazz, you will be fascinated by the events at this festival. Filmnächte is a film festival which lasts all summer from June to August on the banks of River Elbe, just across the castle. There are many live concerts featuring popular international stars, but the main attraction is the huge movie screen, which offers a fantastic cinema experience to its participants.

Autumn and winter festivals


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Besides the many summer festivals, Dresden has a couple of celebrations in autumn and winter. For instance, the Festival of Contemporary Music takes place in October. In winter, Striezelmarkt is the oldest Christmas market and takes place from November until Christmas in the city centre. You can buy almost anything from the Christmas market and you can warm up with a coffee or a warm spiced wine.


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