Eat and drink in Hamburg


Germany’s second metropolis, Hamburg, is considered to be the gateway to the world because it is one of the most famous harbours and ports in the Northern Europe. To many of its visitors, the city is a cosmopolite place and a great place to go out.

Local dishes and drinks


If you are a visitor, here is a suggestion for things to eat and drink in Hamburg. Hamburg’s local plates include steak, sausages and fish. If you wish to have a quick meal instead, you can consider having a hamburger. Although Hamburg is said to be the birthplace of the famous hamburger, this is just a myth. Just like the French fries are originally from Belgium, the hamburger was born in America, where many people from Hamburg emigrated centuries ago. The term actually derives from the name of the city but is not a specific meal for Hamburg.


If you wish to eat and drink in Hamburg, you could try the traditional “Birnen, Bohnen und Speck”. This consists of green runner beans cooked with bacon and pears. “Aalsuppe” is a local traditional soup. For the main course, you could have “Bratkartoffeln”, “Finkenwerder Scholle” or “Pannfisch” (fried fish). “Labskaus” is in another great meal, originally eaten by the sailors in the Northern Germany and Scandinavia. For desert, you could have the delicious “Rote Grütze” berry pudding

If you ever come to Hamburg, you must taste the local beer. Duckstein Beer, for instance, is a premium beer made from the fines ingredients. If you are looking for a lighter beer instead, you could try Astra, a refreshingly light lager, which is relatively inexpensive through Hamburg.

Where to go out?


The city has plenty of chic restaurants that satisfy the local citizens as well as the tourists. Landhaus Scherrer is an ex-brewery on the Elbe turned into a classy restaurant, whose reputation was gained due to impeccable service and imaginatively prepared cuisine. A less expensive alternative is Landhaus Dill, a country-style restaurant with windows opening onto views of the Elbe. The terrace is the perfect place to have dinner on a warm evening.

If you are looking to try a local beer, a long drink or a classic cocktail, you can visit “20 Up”. The bar is situated on the top floor of the Empire Riverside Hotel. The place is surrounded by glass windows and even the bathrooms offer a panoramic view of the city. Bar Hamburg is another option. Located next to the famous Red Light District of Hamburg, the bar attracts the Hamburg’s rich and beautiful by playing jazz, house and lounge music.


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