Explore the fantastic Black Forest

Triberg Falls, photo by eb0la/Flickr

The famous and spectacular mountain range named Black Forest can be found in the southwestern part of the country, more precisely in Baden-Württemberg. The Feldberg is the highest peak of the beautiful wooded mountain range. The Black Forest is a popular tourist destination, attracting dozens of visitors each year. Besides the mountain peaks, there are also numerous other tourist attractions in the region, such as towns, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and so on. Autumn is also a great time to explore this fantastic mountain range. If you are planning a trip to Black Forest, read the following article to find out which are the most popular points of interest of the region.

Danube River

Europe’s second largest river originates in the mountains of Black Forest, more precisely in Donaueschingen. The Danube is a major river of Europe, flowing through numerous towns and even capitals. If you would like to admire the two sources of the river which confluent at Donaueschingen, visit this magnificent town. The two rivers which actually form the Danube are Breg and Brigach. The longer stream is the river Breg of which source is at about 1.000 m, but it’s surely worth making the way up to it.

Schluchsee Lake

It is a fantastic reservoir lake. The lake is situated about at a height of about 900 m. It is considered the largest and one of the most beautiful lakes in Black Forest. Being a popular attraction among visitors, the lake offers numerous possibilities for great outdoor activities. There are several walking trails which surround the lake, but there are also camps and sailing boats at Schluchsee. Visiting the lake will surely make a great excursion for the whole family.

Schluchsee Lake, photo by a.froese/Flickr


The city of Freiburg is a famous tourist destination of the Black Forest Mountains. The city is famous for its university. The medieval minster of Freiburg is also a well-known attraction of it. Besides, there are other points of interest, too, like the Augustiner Museum, the botanic garden and the arboretum of the city. Other buildings which are attractive in Freiburg are the following: Colombi Palace, the Observation Tower, the Historic Merchants Hall, the Schwabentor, the Fish Fountain and so on.

Freiburg Minster, photo by nlnnet/Flickr

Triberg Waterfalls

One of the numerous spectacular waterfalls is the Triberg Waterfalls. With a height of about 160 m, it is considered one of the country’s highest falls. It is one of the best-known landmarks of the Black Forest. Triberg Waterfalls is a popular tourist attraction, attracting dozens of tourists each year.

Triberg Falls, photo by eb0la/Flickr

Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof

It is an open air museum situated between Gutach and Hausach. It contains a number of six farmhouses which are full furnished. Visitors can admire not only the traditional farmhouses, but old mills, storehouses, cottages, stalls and so on. For those who are interested in traditional farming, visiting the museum is undoubtedly a great experience.


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