Family destinations in Germany

Germany is an excellent European destination. The county location in the central Europe and its diverse relief makes it an excellent choice for spending holidays or just for having a short escape. In case you are you looking for family destinations in Germany and not sure what to chose, you will find here some suggestions in a selection of interesting destinations.

The Bavarian Castles and Munich


Munich and the surroundings represent one of the most suitable family destinations in Germany. That is due to the fact that Bavaria has many palaces and parks. The kids can explore the fairytale palaces of Mad Kind Ludwig. Actually, most of the German castles can be found in Bavaria. Even if some of the buildings are over 1000 years old, they are still imposing and beautiful these days. The middle ages castles were built more as royal palaces rather than fortified castles.

Families with children can also visit the Deutsches Museum in Munich, which displays the largest technological collection in the world. The museum shows a large variety of science and technology masterpieces. Visiting the concentration camps, such the one in Dachau, can be a useful but sad history lesson of the German’s recent past. Another attraction for little ones is the puppet museum which displays the historical toy collection and performs Mozart operas at the marionette theatre.

The National Natural Parks


Germany is known as the “green heart of Europe” because of having not less than fourteen National Parks. The German parks, or the wild side of Germany, preserve the natural conditions and offer interesting things to see and to do.  For example, the Bavarian Forest National Park is the first National Park in the country and is one of the most visited vacation areas. Here families can breathe the purest air and discover a wide variety of wild animals. Berchtesgadener Land is another national park where families have endless opportunities for hiking or cycling in the Alps. Visiting one of the many farms in the region is also great for families with children.

The Leisure Parks


Germany has lots of amusement parks with attractive activities for family members. Initially targeted to little ones, they still offer great adventures for all ages. Just one hour away from Hamburg, the fun theme park by the sea offers all kind of attractions, such as many ride attractions, the highest flying carousel in the world, amazing water rides or roller coasters.

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