Frankfurt’s exhibitions and trade fairs


The best location in Europe for exhibitions is undoubtedly Frankfurt. This is the city where visitors and exhibitors meet to exchange ideas and products. With a history of 800 years, Frankfurt’s exhibitions and trade fairs are famous in the world and are visited every year by thousands of people. Frankfurt’s exhibitions and trade fairs bring great products, people and innovative ideas together, but even more than bringing them together, they are about innovation, exchange of ideas and deals for future projects.



The importance of exhibition and fair industry


If you have been to exhibitions before, you might have the impression that this is all about exchanging business cards, but the Frankfurt fairs are in fact massive gatherings, where people interested in a specific industry sector can get advice, exchange ideas and talk about their experience. Frankfurt is the fitting place for establishing strong and durable business relationships. When participating to fairs or exhibitions, the a name is associated with a face and a personality, and by this, the business relation is enhanced.

In the continuous process of globalization , the need for such exchanges became consequential. Due to the expansion of international commerce, we now have products from around the world, which are comparable in terms of price and quality. Here is the place where sellers can demonstrate the quality of their products and where buyers can compare and test them without a previous purchase.

Most popular trade shows


The exhibition centre Messe Frankfurt, with 9 halls occupying more than 500,000 square metres, is today one of the top organisers in the exhibition industry. It gathers more than 61,000 exhibitors on the globe and more than three million visitors . The exhibition place is located in the west of Frankfurt, between Bockenheim and Westend-South districts.

The calendar of trade shows has hundreds of events already booked until 2013. Some of the important exhibitions became popular and are organised every year. You can find here anything from technology to beauty and personal care products or from pharmaceutical products to textiles. There are in fact many textile exhibitions, mainly from Asia and US, but the driving passionates can also go to trades like IAA, AutomechaniKa, IFFA or even looking for some toys at the Toyfair.

Messe Frankfurt is the first trade show organiser to launch a campaign against brand copy and piracy.

The Frankfurt fairs made more than 450,000,000 Euros in sales in 2010 and the company began to organize fairs even outside the country. For all this, I would say that Frankfurt is the place where the most important and mutual gain is the trust.

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