Frankfurt’s Palmengarten


As you probably know already, Frankfurt is a beautiful green city, despites being the financial centre of Germany. It has many parks, botanical gardens and places to relax.

About the garden




Frankfurt’s Palmengarten or the palm garden is one of the two botanical gardens in the city. With its 2 hectares, this is the largest botanical garden in the country. Frankfurt’s Palmengarten is located in the northwest side of the inner city. The complex contains a couple of greenhouses, flowerbeds, tropical plants and a beautiful lake. At the beginning, the garden was privately financed. It was created by a group of citizens for both scientific and recreational purposes. Designed by the German architect Heinrich Siesmayer, the garden was finalized in 1871 and opened to the public. Siesmayer’s goal was to create a garden with exotic plants. The garden was transferred to the public authorities in 1931, but it was taken by the American occupation after the war. At that time, the garden’s walls were heavily damaged, therefore when the German authorities gained it back at the end of 60’s, they also started to reconstruct and enlarge it. The restoration was finalized in 1992 when the garden was opened to the visitors again.

Visiting the garden



The garden can be visited at any time and the entrance fee is worth every cent. It is a very peaceful place to walk around, with many beautiful flowers and plant species that can be admired while listening to the live orchestra that sometimes plays here. If you visit the garden and wish to be put through another world, you should walk through the rock tunnel. The greenhouses are home to a variety of tropical plants. The Palmenhause is one of the largest greenhouses and has many beautiful palm trees. Another building in the garden complex is the Tropicarium, a house with tropical plants displayed in eight different environments. There is a lot more to discover outside the greenhouses. The garden also has a large lake with black swans and azaleas. To see the lake in details, you can rent a boat. Alternatively, you can take the Palmengarten Express, which will take you around the extensive grounds. The open ground areas are decorated with flowerbeds, statues and fountains.  At times, exhibitions or events are organized in the garden. These exhibitions ensure there is always something new to discover in this beautiful garden of Frankfurt.

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