Frankfurt’s Top 10 Attractions

This city is for many travellers the gateway to Europe because of the famous International Airport. The economical capital of Germany has a unique architecture in the world with a mixture of modern skyscrapers and green parks all over the city. This international city is marked with diversity. You can find here anything you want:  hospital people, arts, historic buildings, modern architectural buildings, animated nightlife and shopping centres. Here are the Frankfurt’s top 10 attractions that you should not miss in case you visit the city.


The Main Tower

The Main Tower is one of the Frankfurt’s top 10 attractions because it is the best way to see the city from the top. This is the only tower that is available for public. You can also have a brunch in the restaurant on top of it and enjoy a splendid panorama.

The Cider Tavern

The German apple cider, called Apfelwein or Ebbelwoi is produced in the region near Frankfurt and is a very tasty light alcoholic drink. The best place to try the apple cider is in one of the taverns located in the Sachsenhausen district of Frankfurt.


Goethe’s house

Goethe’s house was restored after being destroyed during the World War II. However, the original furniture, books and paintings were preserved.

Römerberg and Paulskirche

If you want to see the historic centre of Frankfurt, visit Römerberg. This is home to the old City Hall built in 1405. This is where the first trade first took place in Frankfurt in the 13th century. In the old square, you should also visit Paulskirche, built in 1833. This was the seat of the first democratic parliament in 1848.

Museum Embankment, Senckenberg Museum and the Museum of Modern Art


If you like museums, you should visit the most popular museums in Frankfurt. Museum Embankment is an area with museums lined on both sides of the river Main. Senckenberg Museum is the largest museum of natural history in Europe. This is very attractive to children due to its large collection of dinosaurs. The Museum of Modern Art is famous for its art collections and for its unusual bold architecture.

Zeil and Palmengarten

Zeil is the most famous shopping street in Frankfurt. The pedestrian area is perfect for shopping or even for a simple walk. If you are tired after a day of shopping, you can relax in the botanical garden Palmengarten where you can admire more than 6,000 species of botanical plants from the world.

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