Germany a top destination for young people

Germany is the country in the heart of Europe which was amazingly rebuilt after World War 2 and redefined in the 90’s through the reunification of the two states and, because it is also a great economic power and the land of never-ending festivals, we can say that Germany is a top destination for young people.

It is an ideal place for students, for young travelers, for art, culture and sport lovers but we can consider Germany a great travel destination in general  for many other reasons. This is the country preferred by the foreign students looking to study abroad. It is also the country of festivals, beer and wursts and has a well-developed and modern infrastructure.

Studying in Germany

You should find studying in this country an ideal opportunity due to their renowned and high-developed University and research centers. The high quality of German academic studies is recognized worldwide. The German Universities have established world-wide networks and they offer many opportunities for international student exchange in study conditions that combine the best researchers and ideas. On the other hand, there is a close cooperation between the universities and the industry in such that they enable students to get an insight into the work environment whilst completing their studies. This connection between universities and multinational companies increase the employability among the students.


The nightlife & the festivals

Like the English, the Germans are also very fond of parties in local places, such as the pubs or the night clubs. Everybody can have fun at the parties which seem to be divided according to the age structure. Young Germans under-18 can go to “Underage” parties (a concept originated in England) while over-30’s not willing give up the nightlife, can participate to the so-called “Ü30” parties.

Public festivals, carnivals and parades are another common hobby of young Germans. They can find possibilities of having fun with the festivals all year long. The Oktoberfest, which begins at the end of September, is probably the most famous one, but the spring and summer festivals are also enjoyed by the young people.

Germans and the sports

German people are very keen on watching and playing football. The national team is one of the international powers, while Germany’s football league, Bundesliga, has the highest attendance in the world. Cycling is another popular sport practiced by the young people, even if it is well-known that Germans love driving as they are the best car manufacturers. The country has even the greatest riders in Europe. This should not take anyone by surprise, considering the excellent infrastructure system, even for bicycles, and the entire bicycle-friendly environment.

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