Germany’s best beaches

The Sylt beach temporalata/Flickr

The Sylt beach ©temporalata/Flickr

When you think of a German vacation, you probably think of visiting its huge and wonderful cities, the Lake Constance, Bavaria, its beer gardens, attending the Oktoberfest or other typical sights. Germany has other types of destinations to offer its visitors, too, including beaches for instance. As summer has arrived, I considered writing a guide about Germany’s best beaches might help you to decide which country to choose as your summer destination. I tell you, Germany would be perfect! Although not as popular as the ones along the French Riviera for instance, Germany’s beaches are excellent. Some of the best ones are Helgoland, The Stylt, Kühlungsborn and Heringsdorf.

Helgoland (Frisian Islands)

Located in the North Sea, the Frisian Islands are some wonderful islands of which most popular one is Helgoland. The beaches of Helgoland are some of Europe’s most protected and most sheltered beaches. Unaffected by commercialization, the beaches are of a pure beauty.

A great thing about the sheltered islands is that they are easily accessible by ferry services. Spending the day on Helgoland is with no doubt an excellent choice. Enjoy the sun on the gorgeous beaches and swim in the pure waters.

Aerial view over Helgoland lau.svensson/Flickr

Aerial view over Helgoland ©lau.svensson/Flickr

The Sylt

Located in Germany’s northernmost part, The Sylt’s beaches are world renowned. The beaches are true paradise for the lovers of sun, sand and sea. With soft sands and crystal blue waters, these beaches will surely amaze you and make you think you’re not in Germany, but on the French Riviera.

Besides the wonderful beaches, the area also offers its visitors a diverse fauna and flora. There are kilometers of trekking and hiking tracks. In case you are a nature-lover, you ca not miss to visit the region. 

The Sylt beach temporalata/Flickr

The Sylt beach ©temporalata/Flickr



The seaside resort of Kühlungsborn is located on the Baltic coast. It is famous for its gorgeous beaches. Kühlungsborn is also famous for its spa services which have a long tradition in the town. If you would like to relax in peaceful atmosphere and lye on some sunny beaches, this resort will be your perfect destination. Besides, the town is also home to numerous sights which are worth visiting.

Kühlungsborn saw/Flickr

Kühlungsborn ©saw/Flickr


Extremely popular among tourists, Heringsdorf is another astonishing summer destination of Germany. If the crowds bother you, this place might not be your favorite one. But if you can deal with that, you will be amazed by the fantastic beaches. You can practice water sports or other activities. Whatever you’d choose, you will surely have a great holiday here!

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