Germany’s most relaxing places

There are lots of relaxing places in Germany. If you are looking for a quiet place to spend some time and relax in Germany, you can consider the following suggestions. The country has a variety of landscapes and offers lost of visiting opportunities but Germany’s most relaxing places can be found in the countryside or anywhere close to the nature.

The countryside


One of the Germany’s most relaxing places is Cochem. This is a very small but cute wine town on the Mosel valley. Settled in the9th century, the town counts less than 5,000 habitants. The town architecture with its half-timbered houses reminds of the medieval era. It has a unique charm, a picturesque beauty, which makes it an ideal destination for tourists. It is surrounded by vineyards, hills and other small vineyard villages. The locals are very friendly and hospital. The Cochem Castle rises above the town. The river flows between the Cond district and the main town, connected by two bridges. A boulevard with many small restaurants runs along the river.

Black Forrest


This is one of the most beautiful destinations in Germany, because it has both valleys and sunny peaks. It offers wide panoramic views. Here you can relax in the middle of nature, in the calm forest or in one of the many revitalising spas. It is an ideal family destination and has one of the best traditional cuisines in Germany. This is the place where Germany, France and Switzerland meet and the resort can turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience. The forest is 200 kilometres long and 60 kilometres wide and its natural characteristics are very well preserved. Besides the natural landscapes, you can relax in the thermal baths of Baden-Baden, Badenwiler or Bad Wildad. The area has plenty of mountain springs, which is the source of the thermal waters. The region is one of the first ski resorts in Europe. It is also an excellent place for mountain bikers and cyclist, because there are over 8,000 kilometres of trails in the region.

Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps


Another relaxing destination in Germany is Ramsau. With a population of 1,800, the town is located next to the Austrian border, in the beautiful Bavarian Alps. The location is famous for its picturesque landscapes with high mountains near the Hintersee Lake. The town has a small beautiful church which is present on all Ramsau postcards.

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