Germany’s weirdest hotels

Igloo hotel bar roman.petruniak/Flickr

Igloo hotel bar ©roman.petruniak/Flickr

If you are traveling to Germany on your next holiday and you are looking for some unique hotels, you’ve found the right article. As many people might already got bored of the usual everyday hotels, I thought I should write a guide about some unique hotels. So, below I will present you Germany’s weirdest hotels. If you would like to have part of a unique experience, I suggest you to choose one of the following hotels. Whether you would like to spend a couple of nights in a tree, on the water or simply under the stars, you will find at least one “hotel” to suit your preferences. Do you want to find out more about these unique hotels? All you have to do is to read the following guide.

Tree House Hotel

If you’ve always dreamt of a tree house when you were a child or you would like to experience how it is to sleep in a tree, you can do it in Eastern Germany, in a national park situated closely to Goerlitz. There are 8 tree houses at the altitude of 9 m. As the houses are individually designed, you will have the occasion to choose the one which suits your style the most. The houses are usually colorful and their furniture is rustic. If you are traveling with children, you can not miss this experience. They will surely enjoy it. The price of a tree house per night is 200 Euros for four persons. (February 2013)

Tree house inkknife_2000/Flickr

Tree house ©inkknife_2000/Flickr

Lighthouse Hotel

If you are interested in lighthouses and you would like to spend a couple of nights in such a fantastic building, go to Usedom. There is a seventy-year old amazing lighthouse here which offers a unique experience to its guests. Usedom is just a two hours drive north of the German capital city. I think it’s absolutely worth making the way. The lighthouse serves as “one hotel room” extended on three levels. You can enjoy the unique experience and in addition, relax in the wooden Jacuzzi. It costs 250 Euros a night per two persons. (February 2013)

Igloo Hotel

The well-known igloo hotel is with no doubt a great experience. If the low temperature doesn’t bother you and you would like to find out how the Eskimos sleep in igloos, the Zugspitze Mountain is the place to go. The highest mountain of Germany offers you the possibility to try it. It is important to mention that you can do it between December and April. A suite for two persons costs 166 Euros/person while the price of a dorm for six persons is 99 Euros/person. (February 2013)

Igloo hotel bar roman.petruniak/Flickr

Igloo hotel bar ©roman.petruniak/Flickr

Prison Hotel

If you would like to have part of a real strange experience, spend a night in a former prison! Yes, you’ve read it well…a prison. Hotel Alcatraz can be found in Southwest Germany, in Kaiserslautern. It actually offers prison cell rooms furnished very simply, just like a prison cell. The price of a double room starts at 69 Euros. (February 2013) Guests also have the opportunity to visit the nearby astonishing Japanese Garden.

Kaiserslautern, Japanese Garden Wolfgang Staudt/Flickr

Kaiserslautern, Japanese Garden ©Wolfgang Staudt/Flickr

Hotel “under the stars”

In case you are a nature-lover, this “hotel” will surely be your favorite. This open-air-hotel is situated in Bad Kissingen, in Bavaria, on an open field. It is open only in July and August, so make sure to make a reservation in time. The prices are very low: 7 Euros/adult and 3 Euros/child. (February 2013) Don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag with yourself!

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