Great road-trips in Germany

Half-timbered houses, parts of the Romantic Road iloverbutter/Flickr

Half-timbered houses, parts of the Romantic Road ©iloverbutter/Flickr

If you love to make road trips, Europe is a perfect place to do it. There are numerous countries where you can travel by your car and admire the scenic environment. One such country is Germany. In case you don’t know much about this destination, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will give you some useful info about several great road-trips in Germany. There are the following: the famous Romantic Road of Germany, the German Wine Route, the German Castle Road and the fantastic German Fairy Tale Road. Choose any of them and make yourself a memorable experience. Following any of these roads will surely make you a great German holiday.

The Romantic Road of Germany

In one of the previous guides I have already given you some information relating to Germany’s unique Romantic Road. It is actually a tourist route which passes along some romantic destinations, filled with half-timbered, old buildings besides other highlights.

Starting from the wine country of Franconia and passing along some extremely famous cities and towns, the Romantic Road ends at the fairy tale castle, the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Besides the previously mentioned half-timbered houses, you can also admire the Bavarian countryside and some hidden monasteries along the road.

Half-timbered houses, parts of the Romantic Road iloverbutter/Flickr

Half-timbered houses, parts of the Romantic Road ©iloverbutter/Flickr

The German Wine Route

The famous German Wine Route will be a favorite for every wine-lover. It is considered the oldest scenic drive of the country. The road snakes through the second largest wine producing area of Germany, Rhineland Palatine. The 1.000 year-old tradition of viticulture of the region will surely make your trip unforgettable. With old wine villages, beautiful vineyards, harvest festivals and old restaurants, this region is very attractive for tourists. Why don’t you visit it during this autumn? It’s harvest season.

The German Castle Road

Do you love castles? Germany is abundant in wonderful castles. The famous German Castle Road passes along 70 astonishing such old buildings. Besides castles, you can also admire palaces along the road. Visitors can admire not only well-preserved castles, but castle ruins, too and can rent a room at a fantastic castle hotel. This tourist route starts at Mannheim.

Schwerin Castle saturn ♄/Flickr

Schwerin Castle ©saturn ♄/Flickr

The German Fairy Tale Road

Last, but not least popular is the German Fairy Tale Road. If you are traveling with the kids or you are a fan of fairy tales, follow the unique tourist route along which you can admire several sights which used to be the inspiration for many German tales.

Admire the castle of Sleeping Beauty, discover the country of Brothers Grimm or hike in the forest of Red Riding Hood. Don’t you think it would be one of the greatest experiences of your life?

Hansel and Gretel mock-up Paul Lowry/Flickr

Hansel and Gretel mock-up ©Paul Lowry/Flickr

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