Great urban travel destinations in Hesse

Frankfurt and its cathedral in the background btwashburn/Flickr

Frankfurt and its cathedral in the background ©btwashburn/Flickr

The German state of Hesse is situated in the central part of the country. The cultural region which wears the same name includes besides the state the area named Rhenish Hesse. If you are searching for some beautiful cities and towns to visit and your destination is the central part of Germany, I suggest you to choose Hesse. Frankfurt am Main, Kassel, Offenbach am Main, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden are just five of the best urban travel destinations in Hesse. The Rhenish Hesse also includes such beautiful cities like Mainz, Bingen or Worms. I suggest you to visit as many cities and towns as you can, because all of them make absolutely unique and memorable travel experiences. Read on to find out more about these destinations.

Frankfurt am Main

One of the most beautiful cities of Germany, Frankfurt am Main (or simply Frankfurt) is also one of the most visited urban travel destinations of the country. Situated in Hesse, this city is one of the state’s highlights. It is a cultural, financial and educational centre which is internationally important.

The city is abundant in astonishing landmarks and visitor attractions, including Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral, the Alte Oper, the Hauptwache Building, Saint Paul’s Church, numerous museums, parks, botanical gardens, theatres and other sights. It is a must-visit city if you travel to Hesse.

Frankfurt and its cathedral in the background btwashburn/Flickr

Frankfurt and its cathedral in the background ©btwashburn/Flickr

Offenbach am Main

Offenbach am Main is a wonderful city, being home to some gorgeous sights. It is situated closely to the city of Frankfurt and it is very attractive for visitors. The Neo-Baroque Büsingpalais and the surrounding Büsingpark, the Rumpenheim Palace, the Isenburg Palace, several old buildings and museums are just some of the best attractions of the city.


The wonderful town of Kassel is another great urban travel destination in Hesse. It owns some breathtaking landmarks and visitor attractions, including the fantastic Hercules Monument with its running waters, the astonishing Wilhelmshöhe Palace surrounded by wonderful gardens, the Orangerie, the Karlsaue Park, several museums, parks and other attractions.

Kassel DanielAd/Flickr

Kassel ©DanielAd/Flickr


The beautiful city of Darmstadt is also a worth visiting community of Hesse. Among the highlights of the city are the ducal palace of Darmstadt, the Chapel and Wedding Tower, the Luisenplatz, the Market Square with the old City Hall, its botanical garden and numerous sights.

Darmstadt martinroell/Flickr

Darmstadt ©martinroell/Flickr


The capital of the state of Hesse, Wiesbaden is a great urban travel destination. It is considered one of Europe’s oldest spa towns due to its hot springs. Some of the main highlights of the city are the Palace Square, the Kurhaus, St. Bonifatius Church, the Biebrich Palace, St. Elizabeth’s Church, several Baroque buildings and others.   




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