Guide to Cologne’s nightlife

Dancing in Cologne club Martin Terber/Flickr

Dancing in Cologne club ©Martin Terber/Flickr

Cologne is one of the most visited cities of Germany. The city is home to innumerable fascinating sights, including the world renowned Cologne Cathedral. Besides its landmarks, the city is also attractive for its vibrant nightlife. There are more than 70 clubs and party spots in the city, not to mention the innumerable bars and restaurants. The clubbing scene of the city has established around two streets: Zülpicher Straße and Luxemburger Straße, although the main areas for nightlife can be found in the Old Town, the Alteburger Straße and the “Südstadt”. If you would like to find out more about Cologne’s nightlife, I recommend you to read this guide.

Das Ding

In this guide to Cologne’s nightlife I will present you some of the best clubs and nightlife spots of the city. Opened in 1968, the Das Ding is the heart of the Kwartier Lateng. The club was the first in Cologne to offer promotions and drink specials.

Good brand-drinks for reasonable prices have always been on offer, just like good parties. Therefore, the club is very popular among students. There is usually played pop music. The club is open Tuesday to Saturday, with different drink-offers every evening.

Dancing in Cologne club Martin Terber/Flickr

Dancing in Cologne club ©Martin Terber/Flickr

Vanity Club

In case you are looking for a great House and R’n’B club, the Vanity Club is the place to go. It is considered by many the best club of Cologne. After months of reconstruction, the club was reopened in 2011.

With good DJs and live acts, the club is very popular among young people. Renowned singers and DJs are welcomed in the club, including DJ Antoine, Timbaland, Mike Candys and so on. Do you love modern party spots? The Vanity Club will be your favorite one.


One of the best discos of Cologne, the Nachtflug is a multiple winner of Disco Awards. Offering some of the best parties in Cologne, the disco has a cool location. It is characterized by high-end amenities and funky show acts. Top DJs are always present here. Besides, there are also numerous great events of offer. If you are looking for a great disco, the Nachtflug is the place to go.

Club in Cologne Martin Terber/Flickr

Club in Cologne ©Martin Terber/Flickr


Occupying two levels, the club Diamonds is another great nightlife spot of Cologne. With a great dance floor and two bars, the club is very attractive among young people. Besides being a great party spot, the Diamonds also houses numerous events, including presentations, photo shoot, films, private parties and so on.

Party people on Cologne Martin Terber/Flickr

Party people on Cologne ©Martin Terber/Flickr



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