Guide to Frankfurt’s nightlife

Young people having fun in Frankfurt christian.kloeppel/Flickr

Young people having fun in Frankfurt ©christian.kloeppel/Flickr

Frankfurt is with no doubt one of the most fascinating city of Germany. Situated in the state of Hessen, in the central-western part of the country, Frankfurt drags innumerable tourists every year due to its fantastic landmarks. The Main River runs through the city which makes it even more attractive.

With astonishing timber-framed houses in the Old Town, churches and cathedrals, beautiful parks and gardens, interesting museums and other cultural sights, great shopping streets, clubs and bars, the city is undoubtedly a hot spot for tourists. If you choose this fantastic city as your holiday destination and you are a young traveler, looking for endless entertainment, you’ve found the right article. It will be your perfect guide to Frankfurt’s nightlife.

Living XXL

Frankfurt’s largest nightclub, the fantastic Living XXL actually includes three bars and a dining room looking over the astonishing dance floor. The venue is situated in the Eurotower’s ground floor. If you are searching for both modern and retro music, this is the place to go. The venue is closed only on Sundays. On Fridays and Saturdays it is open until 4:00, respective 5:00 in the morning. (June 2013)  

Young people having fun in Frankfurt christian.kloeppel/Flickr

Young people having fun in Frankfurt ©christian.kloeppel/Flickr

The Cave

With no doubt one of the best clubs in Frankfurt is The Cave. Located on Brönnerstrasse, the venue attracts numerous young people. The Cave is an underground smoky and dark venue. They play alternative and heavy metal music and the atmosphere is very cool. It is also considered the cheapest nightclub in Frankfurt, with the admission fee of only €3. It is usually open from 22:00 until 4:00, Fridays and Saturdays until 6:00. (June 2013)


Managed by a New Yorker jazz singer, the Balalaika is a famous venue in the city. If you are lloking for good jazz music, this is your place. The atmosphere is relaxed and the music is cool. The venue is very popular among both local people and visitors. It is open from 20:00 until 1:00, on Fridays and Saturdays until 3:00. (June 2013)

Club in Frankfurt christian.kloeppel/Flickr

Club in Frankfurt ©christian.kloeppel/Flickr

King Kamehameha

Also known as Kingka, this venue of Frankfurt is a fantastic place to go. It is important to mention that if you would like to enter this club, you shouldn’t wear jeans. They could turn you down at the entrance. With a huge dance floor in the middle, the venue is very popular among young people. It is open every day except Sundays, usually from 21:00 or 22:00 until 4:00. (June 2013)

Stereo Bar

A popular venue among Frankfurt students, the Stereo Bar is another good option for entertainment. It is a cellar club with funky atmosphere. They serve reasonably priced drinks compared to other Frankfurt venues. It is open Thursday to Sunday, from 21:00 or 22:00 until 2:00 or 3:00. (June 2013)

Frankfurt club List [trade break - catching up]/Flickr

Frankfurt club ©List [trade break – catching up]/Flickr

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