Hamburg, the home of classical music


Hamburg is not just a beautiful harbour city in Germany, but the town is also rich in musical history. Some consider Hamburg the home of classical music and Germany’s musical capital, along with London and New York. This is the city where Johannes Brahms was born in 1833. The city was also the residence of other great names in the classical music, such as Bach, Handel or Telemann. Today the city is still a vibrant centre of classical music in Europe. Where else to enjoy classical concerts if not in Hamburg, the home of classical music?


Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra


Even designed as a trade city,Hamburghas always attracted and produced great musicians. The Opera on Gänsemarkt was established in 1678. AT the time, it was not only the first municipal opera, but also the largest stage inEurope. After World War II, the municipality contributed mainly to makingHamburga centre of modern classical music.

The Philharmonic State Orchestra inHamburg was founded in 1828 and it has been playing music for more than 175 years. The Philharmonic is administrated by the city council and it plays opera (including ballet representations, special events or concerts). The reputation of the Orchestra is enhanced by the annual tours and guest performances. This Orchestra not only plays at the Hamburg Philharmonic, but also tours in European countries, such as Belgium, UK, France or Greece.

The classical concerts are the favourites of the local audience. The main concert hall in the city is Laeiszhalle and one of the most enthusiastically greeted plays is “The musical home games”. The concert offer is very wide. The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival began to organize classical concerts in unusual rural locations including stables, parks or medieval castles.



Due to the success of classical concerts, the new Elbphilharmonie in the HafenCity started and turned into an ambitious cultural project. Elbphilharmonie has an educational programme called Elbphilharmonie Kompass, which offers concerts for pregnant women, parents and babies. Moreover, the orchestra in Hamburg is also involved with the Musikkindergarten. The city has other projects too. Starting this year, the bold architecture at “Kaispeicher A” will have three concert halls designed to be the best in the world.

Although classical music is the symbol ofHamburg, some other musical genres are also played in the concert halls. Jazz or pop music is also appreciated by the audience in Hamburg as well as by the city visitors.

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