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The Colossos milst1/Flickr

The Colossos ©milst1/Flickr

As one of the largest German amusement parks, the Heide Park is a great place to have fun. If you love endless fun or you are traveling with the kids, the Heide Park is the best place to go. It can be found in Soltau, Lower Saxony, covering an area of about 850,000 m². Owned by the Merlin Entertainments, the Heide Park was opened in 1978. It operates March to November, so you can make a visit during this fall, too. There are about 40 fantastic rides in the park which are very attractive for visitors. Besides, the park is divided into several themed areas which are attractive for the kids. There are also presented five fantastic shows every day. As you can see, there are innumerable options to have fun at the Heide Park.

About the park

As I already mentioned it, there are numerous themed areas on the grounds of the park. Park Entrance is the first area. It presents some Lower Saxony style buildings. Other themed areas are: Pirate Land, Wild Wild West (incorporating Lucky Land), the Land of the Forgotten (hosting the award-winning Colossos roller coaster) and Transilvania (with medieval style castle).

The park is open between the 23rd of March and 3rd of November 2013. During October the park is usually open from 10:00 until 17:00, with some exceptions, until 18:00 or even 22:00 on some Fridays and Saturdays. The one-day ticket costs 42 Euro for adults. (October 2013)

Heide Park milst1/Flickr

Heide Park ©milst1/Flickr

Roller coasters

There are nine fantastic roller coasters in the park of which the most important is the one named Colossos. It is an immense wooden roller coaster which was opened in 2001. It weights a 60 m maximum height and a total length of 1.344 m. The maximum speed of the Colossos reaches 120 km/h. It is extremely attractive among visitors, being a famous, award-winning roller coaster.

Other fantastic roller coasters are the Krake, the Schweizer Bobbahn, the Big Loop and so on.

The Colossos milst1/Flickr

The Colossos ©milst1/Flickr

Water rides

If you prefer water rides instead of roller coasters, try out the Mountain Rafting, the ToPiLauLa-Schlacht or the Wildwasserbahn I. The oldest and longest is the Wildwasserbahn I. It was opened in 1980 and goes up 12 m high. Mountain Rafting is a river rafting ride, dedicated for the lovers of rafting.

Water ride at the Heide Park milst1/Flickr

Water ride at the Heide Park ©milst1/Flickr

Kid’s rides

There are some great rides in the park dedicated to the children, too. Sea Horse Bay, Lucky Land, Nostalgic Carousel, the Water Playground, the Pizie Town Train and Western Risenland are just some of the numerous kid’s rides of the park.

Other attractions

Train rides, boat rides, fast spinning rides, pirate ships, go karts, break dance rides and octopus-type rides are also available in the park. Besides, the fantastic daily shows are also very popular among visitors. One can have a really good time in the amazing Heide Park.

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