Highlights of Baden-Württemberg

Schlossplatz, Stuttgart DerFussi/Flickr

Schlossplatz, Stuttgart ©DerFussi/Flickr

As one of the 16 states of Germany, Baden-Württemberg is located in the country’s southwestern part. It is the third largest state of the country and is home to innumerable fascinating sights, making the state a popular holiday destination. From wonderful cities and towns to picturesque landscapes, the state is abundant in visitor attractions. The main destinations of the state include the following: Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden, Ulm, Heidelberg, the Black Forest, Lake Constance, some beautiful castles, museums and so on. Are you interested in more info relating to the highlights of Baden-Württemberg? If you are, I recommend you to read the following guide.


One of the largest and most beautiful cities of Germany, Stuttgart is a main tourist destination. The city has a picturesque setting, spread across hills and valleys. Stuttgart is abundant in beautiful landmarks and visitor attractions. Some of the most popular sights are the following: Solitude Castle, the Stiftskirche, Schillerplatz, Ludwigsburg Palace, Wilhelma Zoo, Feuersee, the Old Castle, Schlossplatz and so on. This city is undoubtedly a must-visit city.

Schlossplatz, Stuttgart DerFussi/Flickr

Schlossplatz, Stuttgart ©DerFussi/Flickr


The famous spa town of Baden-Baden is world renowned. Located at the northern foothills of the Black Forest, the spa town attracts numerous visitors yearly. The springs of Baden-Baden have been known since Roman times. Besides the baths, the town also offers some excellent tourist attractions, including the Casino, museums, the Old Castle, the New Castle, the Kurhaus, the Stiftskirche and so on.


Undoubtedly one of the most scenic and most attractive cities of Germany is the wonderful city of Heidelberg. The fantastic historic city attracts numerous tourists each year due to its fascinating cityscape. The beautiful Heidelberg Castle overlooks the city and its surrounding area, being located on the Königstuhl hillside. The castle is the main landmark of the city. The beautiful city itself is also very charming.

Heidelberg rs-foto/Flickr

Heidelberg ©rs-foto/Flickr

The Black Forest

One of the natural jewels of Germany is situated in Baden-Württemberg. It is the famous Black Forest, a forested mountainous area which attracts dozens of tourists every year. There are numerous fascinating historic towns in the Black Forest, including the beautiful Freiburg. Beautiful waterfalls, lakes and gorges raise the attractiveness of the area. This region is a must for nature-lovers.

Lake Constance

The large Lake Constance (Bodensee) lies on the border of three states: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The beautiful lake is extremely attractive among nature-lovers. With picturesque islands, the lake is a must for tourists. The wonderful Reichenau Island is a highlight of the lake. You shouldn’t miss it.

Lake Constance Kecko/Flickr

Lake Constance ©Kecko/Flickr



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