Islands in Lake Constance

The fresh water Lake of Constance(Bodensee in German) is situated on the Rhine, near the Alps at 395 meters altitude. It has three bodies of water and a couple of islands. The major islands in Lake Constance are Mainau, Reichenau and Lindau.

Mainau or the Flower Island

Islands on Lake Constance; ©irene/

This island is also called “FlowerIsland” because the island has plenty of flowers. Due to the warm climate, in the 19th century, a botanical garden was established here by Prince Nikolaus. An arboretum, an Italian rose garden and other features have been added to the garden during the second half of the century. Out of the three islands in Lake Constance, Mainau is the most visited. It is situated at 3 km from the town of Constance (Konstanz). There are 45 hectares of parks and gardens which attract more than one million visitors each year. Orchids, tulips, rhododendrons, dahlias, roses and palm trees blossom in the spring creating a paradisiacal image. This paradise can be admired until autumn. There are a couple of classy restaurants on the island.  This the perfect place to spend a day if you love gardens.

Reichenau Island


Reichenau lies between the Gnadensee and the Untersee (the lower lake) in the west ofKonstanz and is connected to the mainland by a causeway. Because of its beautiful monastery of Reichenau, the island became world heritage site in 2000. The Abbey of Reichenau is dedicated to the Virgin and Saint Mark. The Benedictine monastery was built in 724 and exercised remarkable spiritual, artistic and intellectual influence. Together with the churches of St Peter and St Paul and the church of St George, it provides an image of the early European medieval architecture. Their paintings show impressive artistic and cultural activity. The island is famous today for its vegetable farms. The naturally preserved park of reeds on the island is used as stopover by many birds during their annual migration.



Lindau is the third largest island of the lake and is also the name of the Bavarian town situated in the island. The island is located on the eastern side of the lake and is connected by a bridge to the mainland. One of the tourist attractions in Lindau is the port entrance and the lighthouse with a Bavarian Lion sculpture. Thechurch ofSt Peter, the Cathedral, thechurch ofSt Stephan or the historic town hall should not be missed when visiting Lindau Island.

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