Lubeck, the capital of the Hanseatic League


The Hanseatic Leagueor the “Queen of Hanse”, simply known as Hanse or Hansa, was a group of cities and merchant guilds that traded along the coast of North Europe form the Baltic to the North Seaduring the 13th-17th century. The League had its own commercial rules and authority. Although it had the organization of a city-state, the league has only acted as an alliance of small cities enjoying autonomy, liberty and protection from foreign rulers.

About the capital




Lübeck is one of the major ports in Germany. In the 14th century, every trader knew Lubek, the capital of Hanseatic League, as it was the most important port in the Baltic Sea. The city was already a base for merchants in Westphalia and Saxony trading eastwards and northwards. This was actually the first port on the Baltic Sea. Lübeck, the capital of the Hanseatic League was founded in 1143, but it still has today a lot of cultural attractions symbolizing its glorious history. The old town is surrounded by water and has a Brick Gothic architectural heritage, for which it was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. More than 1000 buildings, including St. James and St. Peter’s churches, the Town Hall, the castle monastery, the hospital and the Cathedral are together a protected ensemble in the old town. This old town was the first Cultural Heritage Site officially declared in 1987. There is a memorial plate in the Town Hall reminding of the recognition. The underground of the Old Town has nearly three million archaeological findings. Even from the Middle Ages, the Lübeck skyline was dominated by the seven towers from the old city. The city is today an attraction for culture and history lovers. The medieval town centre, with the renowned Holsten Gate and the Old Town, is the most visited attraction in Lübeck.

TheHanseatic Leaguetoday



The former members of the Hanseatic Leaguedecided to establish in 1980 a new form of the league, called „The New Hanse”. This is open to all Hanseatic Leaguecities in the past, but it also includes twelve Russian cities. The role of the new league is to establish links, tourism and cultural exchange between the members. Lübeck is again the capital of the new league. Every year, the festival Hanseatic Days of New Time, is celebrated in one of the city members.

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