by flywestwind.comFrankfurt is also known in the world as the European Mainhattan, not just because this is located on the river Main, but also because this is the financial and the business center of Germany and the home of the German Stock Exchange. It is also considered to be the financial capital of Europe, as it is the home of the Central European Bank. Frankfurt is the biggest airport in the country and has a very futuristic architecture with plenty of modern buildings and skylines.

An European Mainhattan


Frankfurt was nicknamed the European Mainhattan because it has some of the highest buildings in Europe. The tower of Commerzbank is actually the tallest building in Germany. The Mainhattan has a metropolis look because the skylines are concentrated on a relatively small area.

Visitors of Frankfurt usually come here for business. Others visit Frankfurt in order to attend some if the many fairs in town. If you visit the city for pleasure, you should know that the best time to visit this city is during spring or early autumn, as the summers might get quite hot, while the winters are cold and wet due to its proximity to the river Main. In order to see the skylines, you should try one of the Main river bridges. The best view on the skylines is given by the eastern bridges. From these, you will have a nice glance of the beautiful skylines. If you wish to see the skylines by foot, you can take a walk northwards from the Schweizer Platz. Some of the skyscrapers can be visited. The European Central Bank has a big neon colour statue in front of the entrance and is easily recognizable as it’s the tallest building in Frankfurt. However, this financial institution is not opened to the public visitors. The Henninger turn is the tallest silo tower but this has been closed to the public since 2002.

Main Tower – the main attraction

by doubletranslate.comThe Main Tower building can be visited for 5.00 Euro. In this building, you can take the elevator to a viewing platform at 200 metres, from where you can admire Frankfurt and the surrounding area. The best time to do so is on a clear day. The sunset view should not be missed if you are visiting the city during spring or autumn. The platform might be closed in other seasons if the weather is bad.

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