Most beautiful small towns in Germany



Germany is an ideal destination for its attractive small towns and cities, spread like gemstones all over the country. Many of the countryside towns are located less than an hour’s train ride from a major metropolis, so you can easily discover another charming side of Germany. Impregnated with the flavours of the past, they can turn into daytrips. Since most of the German unique charm can be found in these small towns, let’s discover together the most beautiful small towns in Germany.

In the mountains

With it 1600 buildings, Quedlinburg is one of the most beautiful small towns in Germany. Located high in the mountains, the city was spared by the massive destruction during the World War II. More than any other German town, this small town evokes the Middle Ages by its beautiful medieval architecture. No wander it was an imperial residence for two centuries.

On the valley


Near Dresden, Meissen is a small town built along the River Elbe. The town has a romantic atmosphere and is famous for its porcelain collected all over the world. The town is calm and extremely charming. Its architecture is represented by old buildings and a castle from the 15th century. Lindau is another interesting small city, dating from the 9th century. The city is like a garden surrounded by waters. Here you can admire luxuriant flowers and shrubs. The most popular town on the Rhine Valley is Rüdesheim. This is known for its delicious wine and its cosy restaurants. It is a perfect place to spend a short quiet holiday. Cochem is a medieval riverside town near Mosel River. The town is proud of its castle dating from 1027. The regional cuisine is excellent and the town has plenty of vineyards. That is what makes it an excellent alternative to the commercial large centres along the Rhine.

Small towns along the Romantic Road


If you want to stop along the Romantic Road, you should make this stop at Rothenburg. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is an intact and well-preserved medieval walled city, although half of it was destroyed by the war. The town locals managed to quickly rebuild the town after the war in a way that this still shows its glorious architectural past. Dinkelsbühl is another small city along the Romantic Road. Even if this is smaller than Rothenburg, it still attracts lots of tourists as it retains more of the medieval charm.

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