Munich the impresive capital of Bavaria

Munich or München, as is called in German, is the capital city of Bavaria (the largest German state, situated in the southeast of the country). One of the many things that determine people to visit  Munich the impressive capital of Bavaria is the beautiful location on the River Isar, in the north side of the Bavarian Alps.

The city’s history

Although this is not the largest city in the country (Munich comes the third after Berlin and Hamburg), the metropolis earned the highest popularity in the country. Munich the impressive capital of Bavaria became quickly after the Germany’s rebirth, a favourite destination for tourists.

The German state of Bavaria was reunited in 1506, by the time when the arts were influenced by the court and Munich was the center of renaissance. This is when Munich became the capital of the region and when the city was reborn. After the World War II, Munich was rebuilt from the beginning but the prior street grid and the buildings structure was preserved. Nowadays, the city is a mix of historic buildings and modern post-war buildings with impressive architecture.

Not only for the city’s beauty, but also for it’s modernism and endowment that the decision to hold the 1972 Summer Olimpic Games in Munich was taken. Moreover, the city is candidate for the 2018 Winter Olimpic Games.

It is considered to be the financial and publishing center of Germany and currently holds one of the most modern international airports in Europe. Its economic development and social environment make the city a top-ranked destination for migration and ex-patriate.


The city has a lot of attractions for all tastes. As a tourist in Germany, Munich is an excellent destination as it offers many opportunities for art, culture or history passionates, for those who love walking in the parks or just enjoying a nice cold beer while sitting on one of the famous beer gardens.

In order get an insight on the city‘s history and culture, visitors should include the City Museum of Munich in their journey. The museum exposes the „Typically Munich“ through the means of permanent exhibitions. Places like the Zoo garden Tierpark Hellabrunn or the Englischer Garten should not be omitted by the nature lovers. The most popular beer hall (which is also a restaurant), Hofbrauhaus,  is preferred by the locals as well as the tourists visiting the city and it is very popular. Football fans should step on Alianz-Arena, located in the north of Munich, which is the home stadium of the Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munchen. Tourists can chose from a variety of sightseeing tours, shopping centres, museums and many other many attractions available in the city.

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